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Nina Dobrev is pretty as a picture on Instagram

Nina Dobrev Is Fire In Striped Bikini That Shows Off Tiny Waist & Something Strange

Nina Dobrev / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Actress Nina Dobrev crushed Instagram with a cool picture of her posing a gorgeous bikini, with a humorous take on what is otherwise a perfect picture.

The pictures are from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where Dobrev is holidaying with her new boyfriend, Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White, 33.

She looks happy and hot, and Instagram is tripping over itself in a bid to like the pictures and comment on their favorite vampire, who many feel, is not aging at all. Much like vampires do not age!

Ready For Some Action...

Nina Dobrev is enjoying her vacation in Mexico
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

One of the first pictures Nina posted was from Tulum, known for its adventure sports than anything. The statue is part of the iconic Ahau Tulum and Nina looked like she had endless legs in front of it, as she looked ready to take on anything.

The picture was gorgeous, more so because of Nina and fans were smitten.

Wrote a fan, "How can you be so beautiful 😍?"

Another wrote, "Your a literal icon and I love you" and got corrected for his grammar with a comment, "you're".

Here's Shaun White having some fun too...

A Very Cockamamie Question

Nina Dobrev is enjoying her vacation in Mexico
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

Nina also got a little frisky with a her caption for this picture, whilst she was getting up, close and personal with peacock, writing, "To pet the cock or not to pet the cock. That is the question”.

  • Shakespeare"

One fan felt the cast of "vampire Diaries" simply wasn't aging, commenting, "Why do I feel like the whole tvd cast are vampires bc they still look they same😭😂 just me ok."

Swipe for Nina trying to actually pet the cock, and there's none of that vampirical swagger...

HOT! And Then Some...

Nina Dobrev is enjoying her vacation in Mexico
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

Here is Nina in all her bikini glory, looking hotter than the sun in a very nautical-themed retro bikini, with lots of big bows and a tiny sarong that hid nothing.

Other than looking hot, Nina captioned the picture cutely, writing, "who told that lady she could stand on my hip?"

If you look closely enough at those dangerous curves, sure enough, there's a lady in the background right where Nina's waist dips...

Probably why Shaun is hanging on for dear life!

Fans Feel Nina Is A True Vampire!

Nina Dobrev is enjoying her vacation in Mexico
Nina Dobrev / Instagram

One fan wrote, "I think she was there so you can’t photoshop the picture 😭" not that Nina has any need of photoshopping.

Unless she wants to make herself less gorgeous than before, that is.

Another fan wrote, "You killing it once again, not surprised tbh"

One fan, clearly besotted with Nina wrote back in the same vein, "who told this lady she could be so beautiful 🥺".

But it's another comment that rang the most true, "imagine how lucky that lady is!"

Well spun!

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