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Jordyn Woods Serves Up Major Face And Beautiful Smile

By Jeff Mazzeo

Jordyn Woods likes to get up close and personal!

The 22-year-old influencer flaunted her perfect makeup on Wednesday night. She shared a short video the featured a superzoom and some amazing diamond earrings. Woods tried to keep a model worthy pose but couldn’t keep the smile off her face in the end. Her caption cleverly stuck with her facial theme.

"to grow from your past you have to face it 💋,” she wrote alongside the stunning clip.

Getting Close To Jordyn


Jordyn’s millions of fans loved her glam look and her bubbly personality.

"I love this so much! Love you for facing it and being true to yourself!” one impressed follower commented while another said, “Such a beauttt😻😻😻.”

"Urgh your[sic] just so amazing inside and out," a third fan declared.

Some took it a little far and pushed the boundaries of what's socially acceptable.

"It’s the smile for me ❤️," a fan wrote.

"I want to lick her teeth," one weird follower commented.

We told you they loved her smile.

Claws in the Lambo


Woods maybe a humble influencer, but she's not afraid to flex on us every once in a while. She flaunted her super long nail yesterday but was she trying to show off her claws or her sick Lamborgini? The string wheel logo just happened to make the perfect backdrop to flaunt her manicure.

"who is sheeeee😍," she captioned the total flex pic.

Her followers had a few answers for who she really is.

"A beautiful young lady trying to live her best life?" a supportive fan commented.

"My wife but you already knew that🥴," a delusional sycophant wrote... keep dreaming, buddy.

Jordyn seems to be whipping it pretty hard... at least on social media. A few months ago, she was posing in front of a Bently. Do you think they are rentals?

Trying To Beat The Heat


Los Angeles has been dealing with a serious heatwave and Jordyn was doing the most to look cute in the smoldering heat and humidity. Anyone with long hair can tell you that it is almost impossible to keep your hair straight on a humid day, so Woods decided to rock a curly look. Is that Jordyn with the curls?! We think that this is one of her best looks.

"114 degrees outside🥵," she wrote alongside her luscious curls boomerang.

Making Trends


The beautiful influencer is used to seeing herself in the news but she couldn't help but laugh when she saw the responses to her trending on Twitter.

"woke up this morning and saw why I was trending on twitter... swipe to see which tweet made me log off 😂😂😂," she joked.

It's a good thing she has a good sense of humor because some could interpret the specific comment as being a little rude.

"jordyn woods thicker than gorilla exhibit glass," the tweet read.

That has become one of the highest compliments one can give apparently.

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