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Andrei apologzied to Elizabeth's father and brother on last week's episode after almost fighing the brother.

'90 Day Fiancé’: Elizabeth's Family Meets With Andrei's Friend In Upcoming Episode To Learn About His Past

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

On last weekend's episode of '90 Day Fiancé,’'s 'Happily Ever After?,' Andrei apologized to Elizabeth, her father Chuck and her brother Charlie. This is after he yelled at them at dinner in Moldova after they continued to ask him about his past and why he moved from his home country to Ireland. This has been a reoccurring them and Andrei just seemed to have enough. Andrei's apology to Chuck and Charlie was between the three of them in-person but they were very skeptical about if Andrei's actions will back up the apology.

Andrei initially wanted to fight Elizabeth's brother for asking questions about his past.

At the dinner table, Andrei was initially ready to fight Charlie but then, he and Elizabeth briefly left the restaurant where she bashed his behavior. Andrei later revealed to Elizabeth that he was too intoxicated, the drinks were doing the talking, and made him aggressive in that moment.

Now, for next week's episode, Chuck and Charlie detail everything that went down to Elizabeth's mom, Pamela, and her sister, Jen, when they arrive in Moldova too. This is all while Andrei and Elizabeth are supposed to have their second wedding in the country.

Elizabeth's family will now speak to Andrei's friend to find out more information about his past.

Pamela and Jenn are immediately made aware of what went down at dinner with Andrei and were surprised of what they were hearing. Elizabeth's family then comes up with an idea of meeting with Andrei's friend, Marcel, to get details of why he moved from Moldova to Ireland to work as a bouncer.

“We actually got into it the other night at dinner,” said Charlie to Pamela and Jenn. "He’s like, ‘Shut up or I’ll take you outside,. And then he starts telling Dad to shut up.”

Elizabeth's father, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie, want to know why Andrei refuses to speak about his past.

Chuck also revealed how Andrei told them to pack their bags and go back to the United States. This come shortly after the family arrived in Moldova as well.

“I feel bad that we’re telling them this story right when they got here, but they need to know,” Charlie said to producers regarding why he's revealing what happened in the incident a few episodes ago at dinner. “They need to know what happened, and they need to know the true Andrei.”


Like Chuck and Charlie, Jenn agrees that Andrei is hiding something from his past and that's why he become so angry and insecure.

“Clearly, there’s something that has happened or something that he’s trying to hide. “He doesn’t want us to find out.”

Pamela added that she feels it's unfortunate of what's happening as she was ready for Andrei and Elizabeth's second wedding. Now, she is skeptical that this event will happen at all. Many viewers also believe that the Moldova wedding will not happen as things continue to go downhill each week.

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