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Draya Michele poses for a photo

Draya Michele Reveals Weight On Instagram: 'Mostly Concerned' By Body Fat Percentage

By Rebecca Cukier

Draya Michele has stepped onto the scales with a full view of the numbers – not just one, but a full breakdown, from body fat percentage to how much of the 35-year-old is water, bone, and muscle. Draya, followed by 8.1 million on her Instagram, updated her stories on Tuesday night to continue her promo for the Vanity Planet Body Analyzer scale – the "Basketball Wives LA" alum first revealed her weight to be 128 pounds back in July.

Draya has gained weight. While the Mint Swim founder is proud of the "RONA" muscle, her body fat is troubling her. Check it out below.

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Putting The Number Out There

Draya Michele poses in a bralette and pants by the ocean

Scroll for a snapshot from the stories. Draya, fresh from news that her 10-part "Doses of Draya" docu-series will be airing later this year, had shared mega deets on her weight last month as she revealed weighing 128 pounds at 5'5".

Back in July, Draya was also 23.3% muscle and 55.2% water – the water thing was bugging her, but it was that time of the month and Draya wasn't ashamed to admit that she gains a little water. The water is down, but the star has been gaining muscle.


Draya Michele shares her scale reading

Draya, speaking into the camera and also explaining that scales should be kept in the same place, bravely filmed herself stepping onto hers. She's now 129.6 pounds.

The scale also showed the Fashion Nova partner and mom of two to be 54.8% water and 23.9% fat: "I'M MOSTLY CONCERNED WITH MY BODY FAT PERCENTAGE," Draya wrote, also showing off a little on the workout front by writing: "I GAINED LIKE 6LBS OF MUSCLE DURING RONA."

"I personally feel like weighing yourself in the morning is best. You're light and you can just get into a habit of, you know, getting up, using the restroom...and then just get on your scale."

Insane Workouts, Asks If She Should Front Nike

Draya Michele poses in a bikini outdoors

Scroll for the workout video. Draya, who recently made headlines for allegedly losing her SavagexFenty ambassador role after her shooting joke about rapper Megan Thee Stallion, may have lost the lucrative deal with Rihanna's lingerie, but she's got plenty of others. Alongside promoting her Oh Polly collab, the reality face continues her Fashion Nova promos, with this summer's mind-blowing workouts also seeing Draya query whether she should branch out:

"In these 3 slides are a few of my favorites (all for different reasons.) 1. @ethika 2. @nike 3. @fabletics .... which one would y’all be here for?!?"

Lands New Reality Series After Shooting Scandal

Draya Michele poses in a white outfit at home

Draya took to Instagram seven days ago to announce her new series would be airing on subscription-streaming and black-owned service Zeus. Peeking the behind-the-scenes show with a trailer, Draya wrote:

"Well guys the cat is out of the bag. 😳 After being off tv as myself for the last few years, I started to miss it. Covid has been eye opening and I decided now was the time to show off a few things. The show is called “DOSES OF DRAYA” and is executive produced by ME ..."

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