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Halle Berry is a vision in a backless bikini

Halle Berry Posts Another Mystery Man Feet Pic, Instagram Sings 'Let Love Rule'

Halle Berry / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Halle Berry walking down the road of her 54th birthday in a strappy bikini created an Instagram storm. And hardly had it died down that Halle has started yet another fire on Instagram.

This time, the Academy Award-winning actress thanked everyone for wishing her the best birthday ever, and she did so by sharing an intimate picture that rocked the world of many her fans.

What are we talking about? Well, mystery man feet, again, and fans are busy hoping that the feet belong to one particular singer-songwriter.

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Sunday Or Not, Halle Is Having Fun Days...

Halle Berry is with a mystery man and fans want to know who
Halle Berry / Instagram

This is not the first time this gorgeous girl has shared pictures of the mystery feet, or rather, the feet of the mystery man.

A month back, Hally Berry shared a similar picture with the caption "Sunday, Funday" and fans wanted to know who the man was.

Berry has kept mum about it ever since, and fan questions have been met by stoic silence.

Most fans have nothing but best wishes for her, "you deserve this... we all deserve to be loved the way we love ourselves.... unconditionally..... sending you good vibes :)))"

Here are the feet...

Who Da Man, Halle?

Halle Berry is with a mystery man, feet don't lie!
Halle Berry / Instagram

And now, this.

Halle Berry shared yet another intertwined feet picture with the caption, "Waking up Vegas! ☀️ Thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes from my friends and my very supportive and loyal fans! You ALL helped to make my birthday extra special ♥️".

Fans went nuts over who the feet belong to, one writing, "that’s too many feet...who is da mystery man".

More fans kept requesting further details with comments like, "Girl reveal this mystery man please, you obviously want us to know🙄😂"

But Halle is keeping mum, and giving off Bond girl vibes...

Many Hope Its A Certain Mr. Kravitz

Halle Berry's string bikini walk crushed Instagram
Halle Berry / Instagram

Halle's celebratory strut is magnetic to watch, and not just because she is in the hottest black bikini ever.

The viral video of Halle walking in front of the waves in a strappy, patterned, cut-out lacy bikini has some 2.6 million views already, and she captioned it as "Leo Season in full effect".

One fan commented, "Come thru sis 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 it’s the Body and hair flip for me 😍😍😍😍".

But its the comment from another man that has tongues wagging, and its none other than Lenny Kravitz who wrote a heartfelt, "Miss Berry, Miss Berry, Miss Berry!".

Here's the video...

Is Jason Momoa Extending Ohana To Halle?

Halle Berry skateboards down a rainbow road
Halle Berry / Instagram

Fans want the feet to belong to Lenny Kravitz, and there were plenty of comments to that effect.

Wrote one, "I ship you two. This is a couple combo my eyes 👀 would like to see."

More fans piped up, "imagine this gorgeousness if it were to happen 😭👐"

Halle Berry is keeping it quiet, though further fuel to the fire was added when Jason Momoa, married to Lenny Kravitz's ex also wished Berry a happy birthday on the feet post.

Perhaps Momoa is extending ohana to Halle as well? Here's Lenny and Jason together, sharing some family love.

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