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Sommer Ray poses for a photo

Sommer Ray Rocks Cupped Underwear In Bathtub With No Water

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Sommer Ray has been enjoying a bathtub with no water in high heels and super-sexy undies. The 23-year-old model dubbed "Not Your Average Instagram Model" by Forbes in 2018 updated her account on Monday night, much to the delight of her 23.5 million followers.

If you don't live inside Sommer's Instagram, the Colorado native recently made headlines for admitting she's "slacking" in the diet and fitness department – while flaunting her rock-hard body in a bikini. No swimwear on Monday, but plenty of lingerie action. Check it out below.

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Bikini Bombshell Keeps It Skimpy In The Bath

Sommer Ray poses on a rug in a bikini

Scroll for the photos. They come after Sommer's "slacking" admission caused a small hoopla on her Instagram – "real slim" was one fan's take, although the girl who ordered everything on the menu at Chick-Fil-A this year has been swallowing those calories. This summer has seen Ray eat Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out in the same day.

Sommer's photos last night showed her chilling in a deep white tub and wearing pale green and satin underwear, plus a forest green overcoat worn open.

'Last Pic Did Things To Me'

Sommer Ray poses in a bath in underwear and heels

Sommer, also rocking stiletto mules and glittery diamond earrings, had gone super-glam with these shots. Her opening snap showed a blue bra and panties set with a matching shirt, plus the ex to Machine Gun Kelly rocking her curled hair down.

A caption went down the humorous route as Ray wrote: "Sometimes I get sad, then I remember I have a bathtub waiting for me at home."

Over 876,000 likes have been left.. Scroll for the photo that "did things" to a fan.

Jena Frumes Says They're 'So Fire'

Sommer Ray poses in a bikini by a mirror

Sommer has been hanging out with another well-known face amid the global pandemic. She's been spending time with Jason Derulo's stunning girlfriend Jena Frumes – Jena has made headlines this year for doing the splits between moving cars while in skintight spandex.

Jena left a like, also writing: "These are so fire."

Sommer's undies action has, indeed, proven popular this month. August has brought the bombshell in French maid-style lingerie, even prompting her fans to jokingly request her cleaning services. Sommer had plenty to say on her body this week, though.

Says Diet And Exercise Is 'Slacking'

Sommer Ray poses for a bikini selfie

Sommer snagged herself over 1.2 million likes earlier this week for a series of bikini selfies showing her body full-length. The leaf-print swimwear snaps came with a reveal, though as Sommer wrote:

"I’ve really slacked my diet & workout ish for the past 2 years but i’m really ready to go hard again.. lettttts gooo 😈 if you wanna get the best bod of your liiiiife with me, hit that link in my bio 💛 also if you wanna shop the phone grip i have on my phone, hit up @shopsommerray 😜 #sommerscamp."

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