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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant For Baby Number Four? Who to Watch For Early Signs

Gettyimages | Polly Thomas
By Clarissa Wilson

Prince William and Kate Middleton already have three children; Seven-year-old Prince George, 5-year-old Princess Charlotte, and two-year-old Prince Louis. Could the Royal couple be expecting their fourth child? Is Kate Middleton pregnant for baby number four? Since neither Prince William or Kate Middleton will not let anyone know for sure one way or the other, we have to take a guess on our own by watching for different signs and body language on Prince William instead of Kate Middleton. Prince William is the one who gives off signs with his body language. Kate Middleton does not show any signs or give off any signs in body language, except that she usually has terrible morning sickness with her pregnancies.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William

Although earlier this year, back in January, Kate said they would not be having a fourth child fans can't help but speculate anyway and hope she changes her mind soon. In fact, rumors are flying around now that she may be pregnant for baby number four. The only sign you can expect to see from Kate for pregnancy signs is her getting sick a lot since she always has really bad morning sickness.

Yes, Kate holds her hands under her belly, which is a sure sign of pregnancy, but she always holds herself this way.

Prince William

Instead of closely watching Kate for pregnancy signs, Prince William is the one to watch because he doesn't have a very good 'poker face' as they call it and easily shows signs of his wife being pregnant just with his body language

That's right! If you see Prince William holding the bottom of his belly, this is part of his sympathy for his wife being pregnant and this is a sure sign of Kate expecting baby number four. Also, he can't contain his happiness so he is seen smiling a lot more.

Kate Middleton

Although the Duchess of Cambridge said earlier this year, back in January, that there will be no more children for her and Prince William, fans can't help but speculate anyway.

However, Kate said she thinks William will worry if she got pregnant again. She was referring to the fact that she has had difficult pregnancies with all three of her and Prince William's children. Royal fans are really loving the fact that they get to watch Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis grow-up but they would love to see Kate and William have baby number four.

Kate Middleton

In fact, the bookies have set the odds that they will be having baby number four soon.

One bookie, Harry Aitkenhead of British oddsmakers Coral said to Express, "We think that Prince Louis will have another baby brother or sister join his family in the future. We make it odds on that William and Kate have a fourth baby."

However, since the Duchess suffers from extreme morning sickness every time she is pregnant, so she attends fewer events and stays home to rest more when she is expecting a baby.

Prince William

That's actually the only clue Kate will give that she is pregnant, when she disappears from Royal events and stays home more often.

So, Prince William is the one to watch for body language and facial expressions that will give away that Kate is pregnant again.

In fact, according to body language Judi James, Royal fans should watch Prince William for a suppressed smile. He may be able to hold his expressions in when he is frustrated or angry, but not when he is happy. He is often seen trying to hold back a smile.

According to James, William and Kate's recent activity and the way they were being so touchy-feely while playing arcade games together might be a sign of Kate expecting number four. However, it could also just be the fact that being in lockdown together suits them as a couple, James noted.

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