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Amber Heard poses for a photo

Amber Heard Criticized For 'Showing Nipples' At Mosque

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By Rebecca Cukier

Amber Heard is facing backlash for posting photos of herself visiting Turkish mosques and – seemingly for some – not having dressed modestly enough. The 34-year-old actress and ex to "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor Johnny Depp is currently in Istanbul, where an Instagram update this weekend came complete with stories.

Amber, who last made headlines for her high-profile London court appearance as 57-year-old Johnny attended his $1 million libel triall, now sees herself back in the news, and she's getting slammed.

Level of 'Respect' Questioned Over Mosque Photos

Amber Heard poses by a vending machine with a friend

Scroll for the photos landing on Amber's Instagram – the "Aquaman" has comments heavily limited after she was trashed by her own fans earlier this year. This came as 2015-leaked audio of cell phone calls between Heard and Depp revealed the actress to have "hit" Depp with "pots and pans."

The photo, likely tame for many, showed Amber posing in sunlight and seemingly near a cemetery. The blonde was covered up, wearing a cream-colored top and loose linen jacket. Amber also appeared to be respecting the Muslim community by donning a fuschia headscarf that offered light hair coverage.

Twitter Notices The Small Details

Amber Heard poses in a scarf inTurkey

Amber took to her caption, addressing her 3.9 million followers, writing: "Spent the day wandering around the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this gorgeous city..."

The actress then posted stories showing a little more of the outfit, plus a trip through a spice market. Since going live, the photos have now become a source of complaints, with some Twitter users slamming Heard for seemingly having a little nipple visible.

"Amber Heard really did enter a Mosque in Istanbul with her nipples on show didn't she? The disrespect!" one tweet read.

'Doesn't Know The Meaning Of Respect'

Amber Heard in London and Johnny Depp

Fans might well argue that Amber was perfectly-well covered up, but the users pointing out the body part visible did nonetheless have a point. Heard is, however, a major target for trolls amid allegations that she was physically violent towards Hollywood heavyweight Depp.

"Amber Heard doesn’t know the meaning of respect. The fact she deleted the original Istanbul Mosque photo only to post two! Ignorance really is bliss when you turn off your comment section," a user wrote.

One user appeared confused.

Fan Doesn't 'Understand'

Amber Heard poses for a selfie

Another lashed out, writing: "Amber Heard, the activist and humanitarian that cares more about showing her nipples in an instagram photo than dress in a respectful manner for the occasion. I’m sorry Istanbul you have to deal with her."

Meanwhile, a further user wrote: "I don’t understand, I thought people needed to wear modest clothes when visiting a mosque. Or in Istanbul a woman has to cover her hair and not her breasts? #AmberHeard."

Amber's Instagram update sits at over 373,000 likes.

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