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Chanel West Coast poses for a photo

Chanel West Coast Waters Her Plants In Bubblegum Bikini Because It's Saturday

By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast had the best reason ever to water her plants in a plastic-effect, frilly bikini yesterday – it was Saturday. The 31-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star updated her Instagram with yet another of her eye-catching posts to mark the weekend. West Coast, known to rock swimwear in the snow and having watered her lawn in a ballgown in 2019, resumed the gardening vibe for her latest share.

If Chanel's in a bikini, it's generally going to go down well. Check out the photo below.

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'Just Casually Watering My Plants'

Chanel West Coast poses seated

Scroll for the photo. Chanel, followed by 3.4 million and recently in the news for appearing on the "Wine and Weed" podcast, had gone all out with this shot. The "Black Roses" rapper was rocking a wet-effect and bubblegum-pink bikini with a cheeky thong finish and shimmer fabrics, but the real head-turner was the MTV face just "casually" watering her plants.

Chanel, not one to do things by half, also rocked waist-length pink hair, matching shades, and she stood by a small paddling pool – you guessed it, it was pink.

But Instagram Just Deleted Her Last Bikini Pic

Chanel West Coast poses in a pink bikini watering plants

A caption from Chanel read: "Just casually watering my plants. How is your Saturday going? 😎"

Comments – which can very much go either way on West Coast's Instagram – almost exclusively threw her the thumbs-up. Chanel snagged herself "pink hair don't care" replies, but her last bikini upload did not go to plan – at all.

On August 6, Chanel uploaded a #BigBearBooty photo showing her and three girlfriends all in a row, bikini-clad, and showing off their rears. The star's post was barely live an hour before vanishing. Chanel reposted, though.


Chanel West Coast poses with friends in bikinis

Chanel swiftly returned to the platform to repost the same photo. This time, with a mouthy and angry caption – she couldn't get her around the trolls who'd reported the snap for "bullying and harassment."

"LMFAO....REPOST because this post was removed for “bullying and harassment” can someone explain what in this photo is bullying or harassment? 😂 " she began.

Chanel then said she'd seen far worse on IG and even reported it and never seen anything deleted. Bear in mind, rants are West Coast's speciality, with the star having complained she doesn't get enough likes back in February.

'F-CK Off To Whoever Reported This'

Chanel West Coast poses on steps in shorts

Chanel continued by lashing out:

"F-ck off to whoever reported this post of me and my girls enjoying life. There are such sad, miserable, haters out there. I truly feel bad for them. I pray they find peace & happiness 🙏🏼"

Far better received has been the rapper's now-viral "Corona Rap" this year, plus Chanel kicking off her YouTube fitness series. The LOL Cartel founder is also due to appear at Sessions Live in mid-August. For more from West Coast, check out her super-fun Instagram.

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