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A beautiful photo showing Jessica Simpson in a pink color suit and palazzo pant at as she poses for the camera

Fans Think Jessica Simpson's Past Interview With Ellen DeGeneres Is Awkward

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Since the news about Ellen DeGeneres' alleged toxic nature in her work environment came to light, fans have been viewing past interviews with fresh eyes. Reports revealed that the television host has been accused of sexual harassment, racism and bad work ethics in her workplace known as "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Furthermore,some of her past colleagues and subordinates, who left the show to do other things, commented on these accusations and confirmed them to be true.

Now, fans are saying that the comedian showed some of these alleged traits in an interview that she had with Jessica Simpson.

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Everyone Loves Jessica Simpson

A beautiful family photo featuring Ellen DeGeneres and her lovely kids.
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Born in Abilene, Texas U.S.A, on July 10, 1980, Jessica Simpson, is popularly known as an American singer and fashion designer, among other things. She began her musical journey as a choir member in her church and later landed a record deal with Columbia Records at 16.

Her first studio album titled "Sweet Kisses," became the highlight of her career, as it sold over 2 million copies in the US. In 2001 again, Simpson released another album and the opening single titled "I Wanna Love You," landed top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Presently, Simpson is still in the music business, while engaging other careers and is married to former American football right end, Eric Johnson.

Jessica Simpson's Controversial Interview With Ellen DeGeneres


In mid 2017, Simpson was invited on Ellen's show for an exclusive interview. This interview is now making a lot of fans and viewers cringe.

According to reports, Simpson was asked about a lot of things, including details about her personal life. Some people felt that the singer was not in her right frame of mind, resulting from drugs or alcohol. She made a lot of remarks that did not sit well with the audience. However, fans now believe that Ellen was very cold towards the singer.

Jessica Simpson Confirmed That She Was Under The Influence On Ellen DeGeneres' Show


After fans accused her of being unbalanced and under the influence, Simpson concurred to the accusations.

Back to the interview, Ellen seemed like she had, had enough of the singer and proceeded to end the conversation immediately. To do this, she turned the audience and gave a deep relieving sigh that made her look cold.

The video also showed that Simpson felt bad about this and the look on her face proved it. That interview shocked a lot of fans and many were pissed at Simpson.

But now, the narrative has changed and Ellen seems to be the one on the chopping block.

Jessica Simpson's Battle With Childhood Trauma

A lovely photo showing Ellen DeGeneres on stage, with a microphone in her hand.
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In January 2020, Simpson admitted that she was high during the interview with Ellen. She also explained that her struggles with drugs and alcohol, stemmed from the trauma she went through as a child.

As explained in her autobiography "Open Book," Simpson opened up about being sexually abused from age six. She went on to say that she started taking drugs and alcohol, bit after a while, she knew it was causing her more damage.

Luckily, she quit these habits in 2017, the same year she had an awkward interview with Ellen.

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