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An amazing photo showing Lizzo in a yellow low-cut dress, with multiple pleat designs.

Lizzo In Hot Water After Past Comments About Harry Styles Pops Up

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Favour

Will Lizzo's fans be able to bring her out of this situation?

The singer has recently found herself in a fuss on social media. When it comes to fan wars, a lot things tend to go wrong on both sides. This time, Lizzo's fans are up against Harry Styles' fans.

The hiccup began when past comments that Lizzo made about the male singer surfaced and fans called for her to be canceled immediately. Of course, her fans would fight for and on her behalf, but who knows if they'll triumph! Read below to find out more.

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One Direction Still Missed Till Date

An amazing photo showing Lizzo in a long side-lit white dress, with white fur around her hands at an event.
Instagram | Lizzo

For years now, fans have been psyched and hurt at the same time about the "One Direction" group. When they began, they were the center of the world, as fans often equated them with the legendary "Westlife" and "Backstreet Boys" band. Unfortunately, like these two bands. the band came to an end and all the members went on solo career.

The band included Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. According to reports Malik was the first member of the group to leave in March 2015. By August, the group announced that they were going on an indefinite hiatus.

What Was Lizzo's Comment About Harry?

A photo showing Lizzo in a multi-colored dress, posing close in a white-filled background space.
Instagram | Lizzo

Since Lizzo came into the music industry, she has mainly been an advocate for self-love and worth among women. She even opened up in an interview that as a black woman with many experiences, her songs are mainly for women who have experienced or are still experiencing what it means to be a black woman.

The current outrage from fans, stems from the fact that they believe she is always trying to throw sexual advances towards him whenever she gets the chance.

Lizzo Grabbed Harry Styles On Stage

Giphy | BET Awards

In early January, the 32-year-old singer, told Styles to join her on stage, to sing one of her hit songs titled "Juice" which he agreed to. However, as the performance went on, Lizzo tried to grab Styles' button stage.

The "One Direction" star did not read any meaning to this as he also returned the favor. But this did not sit well with fans. They brought up other situations where Lizzo was unnecessarily flirty and sexual towards the singer. In no time, a campaign for Lizzo's cancellation began.

"One Direction" Fans Petition For Lizzo's Cancellation

An awesome photo showing Lizzo in a black see-through outfit, with red flower designs.
Instagram | Lizzo

Lizzo also came under fire for her comments during an interview with "KISS Breakfast With Tom & Daisy." Apparently, the "Good As Hell" singer, insinuated that she had sex with Styles. Although it was a joke, fans believe she is sexually harassing him.

Finally, the backlash that Lizzo received, later led to cancellation campaign. It did not take long for the #LizzoIsOverParty hashtag, to start trending. Fans have also made it clear that anyone who comes to the female singer's defence is capable of what she did and more.

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