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Britney Spears poses for a photo

#FreeBritney Worries Over Peasant Blouse Photo Taken At 1.26 A.M.

By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears has delivered a rare and direct message to the countless fans deeming her Instagram a setup. The 38-year-old pop princess has endured weeks of her 26 million Instagram followers suggesting she has zero control over her social media – Britney is now in her 12th year of having father Jamie Spears control her finances and many other aspects of her life, with her 2008-commenced conservatorship seeing a recent resurgence of the #FreeBritney movement.

Britney's Friday Instagram update straight-up said the photos were from August 6 and taken at 1.26 a.m. Fans aren't buying it.

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Fans Worry Over Repetitive Posts

Britney Spears poses in a crop top

Scroll for the peasant blouse snaps. They themselves form part of a somewhat-repetitive wardrobe seen on the "Toxic" singer's Instagram this summer. Britney has been showing off cute and tiny tan shorts, a small variety of floral or plain crop tops, and an all-too-familiar backdrop. Early 2020 saw the singer shot against a plain red wall, with fresher variations including white, yellow, plus the star's L.A. mansion backyard.

The photos today showed Britney posing in a white and blue-speck peasant blouse – the same one she wore yesterday, two days ago, seven days ago, and in stunning outdoor photos on August 7.

Rare Clap-Back: 'These Aren't Old'

Britney Spears poses in a blouse

Britney, who recently enjoyed a masked biking beach date with boyfriend Sam Asghari and showed off her yoga moves on sands two days ago, looked deep into the camera, writing:

"Just so you guys know these aren’t old ... check the date at the top of the 2nd pic 📸😉🙃🙃😘 !!!!"

Spears had, herself, dubbed the look a "peasant blouse" one as she clapped back to The Fat Jewish earlier this month.

Fans were quick to pull apart the post – asking Britney if she's "okay" is now the standard on her Instagram.

Fans Aren't Buying It, Want Their Girl Back

Britney Spears poses with flowers in her hair

A comment gaining over 1,900 likes read: "The fact you need to post the date to prove she’s real looks really suspicious...we all know someone’s running th account 💀💀."

Meanwhile, others challenged the singer's caption and the screenshotted: "August 6 1: 26 A.M."

"You’re not fooling anyone, this isn’t Britney!! You could’ve easily screenshotted then said it was from this date 🤡," another said.

Aggressive as the tone was, it matches the caring concern seen as fans, plus celebrities including Ruby Rose and Vanessa Hudgens, ask Spears about her well-being.

Scroll for what dad Jamie has to say about #FreeBritney.

Father Calls #FreeBritney A 'Joke' And A 'Conspiracy Theory'

Jamie Spears walking in a suit
Gettyimages | AFP

Britney's videos over July and August have brought fresh insight into her life, but for the fans demanding to know if she's "okay," being told that the singer's favorite food is chili dogs and that "Frozen" is her favorite Disney movie wasn't cutting it. The movement continues to demand proof – for Spears herself, however, it seems to be proving a bit much.

Just over a month ago, Britney delivered a rare clap-back calling herself "authentic." This was before dad Jamie made headlines for calling the #FreeBritney movement a "joke" and a "conspiracy," as he defended the care his daughter is placed under.

"Her team rely thinks we're dumb huh," a fan wrote.

Britney has made no suggestion that she is unsafe or unwell. She did, however, miss her July 22 court date, with "technical difficulties" cited as the reason behind the absence.

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