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Britney Spears Defends Her Instagram Posts, Shows Timestamps for Pics

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Lest anyone think Britney Spears is not reading her Instagram posts, because the Princess of Pop just fired back at those who claim she's recycling her clothes, and photos, for social media. Britney took to social media Friday afternoon to make it crystal clear the photos she's posting aren't old, and even provided some proof from her phone of when the photos were recorded.

"Just so you guys know these aren’t old," the 38-year-old star wrote on Instagram while showing a familiar floral midriff she recently wore.

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Check The Receipts

Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney followed up urging fans to, "check the date at the top of the 2nd pic 📸😉🙃🙃😘 !!!!" and revealed the picture was uploaded to her iPhone on August 6 at 1:26 AM.

The midriff top is similar to one that Britney has showed off multiple times, and fans have been circulating theories that her team is using the same photos on social media to make it appear Britney is fine and dandy.

"Please go live. Its the best way to solve everyone's concern especially if you are okay," one fan urged in response.

Posts Questioned

Britney Spears / Instagram

The response by Britney is a follow-up to a post she dropped the other day with a shout out to Internet comedian Josh Ostrovsky, aka "The Fat Jewish."

"This little clip is a message for @thefatjewish 😳😂🤷‍♀️😂 .... yes I do own a peasant midriff top for every day of the week 🙄🤷‍♀️ !!!!" Britney wrote after the 38-year-old dropped a comment on a recent post.

Fans haven't been buying some of the suspicious social media posts from Britney's account and have been sounding off in the comments.

"YOU POSTED THE SAME PIC ON HER ACCOUNT 1036373 times now WE SEE YOU CONTROLLING," one person wrote.

Beach Trips

Britney Spears / Instagram

Even though many believe Britney is locked up in her mansion, the star hit the beach multiple times this week to find some relief from the soaring summer temperatures in Southern California. Britney shared some photos earlier in the week while on a bike ride with boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

"Going to the beach 🏖 is always so much fun !!!!! We are all social distancing and wearing masks of course …. even still there is a sense of togetherness at the beach that brings me peace. I feel so small next to this vast body of water ….. it takes me back to when I was 6 years old," Britney wrote about the trip.

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