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Chrissy Teigen with orange dress

Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Growing Baby Bump On Instagram, Credits IFV 'Miracle'

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Jacob Highley

Chrissy Teigen just revealed that she is officially pregnant with her third child! Her husband John Legend’s latest music video shows Teigen holding her tummy in an affectionate manner and signs of a growing baby bump.

Shortly after the announcement via the romantic music video, the 34-year-old model posted a video showing herself wearing a black form-fitting outfit which totally shows off her baby bump from the side. She used a mirror to record the clip with her phone, and already it is going viral on social media.

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Chrissy Teigen selfie
Instagram @Chrissy Teigen

Although many are relishing the sight of seeing Chissy pregnant again, the mother of 2 (going on 3) has shared that it hasn’t always been easy getting pregnant or being pregnant.

Using In Vitro Fertilization (IFV) Chrissy has managed to get pregnant twice. It is unclear whether she utilized IFV for her upcoming third child, but it is highly likely based on her previous experience with the procedure.

Teigen has shared how she grew up trying to avoid pregnancy, but now finds herself wishing she was able to conceive easier.

A 'Miracle'

Chrissy Teigen with children
Instagram @Chrissy Teigen

“It’s kind of amazing, because you’re like, Oh my goodness, I grew up my whole life trying to avoid pregnancy and hearing stories about people in high school randomly getting pregnant the first time they slept with someone. But IVF makes you really appreciate that, my God, this is a miracle. There are so many different factors that go into being able to conceive a baby. The process really makes you appreciate that.”

After realizing that she wants as many kids as possible in her life, Chrissy shared how it does feel unfair to have to use artificial methods of becoming pregnant compared to other women.

'Easy To Grow Resentful'

Chrissy Teigen with John Legend
Instagram @Chrissy Teigen

“But it’s also easy to grow resentful of how easy it is for some people when you’re literally mixing your own powders and chemicals to inject into your belly, shoving progesterone up there,” she said.

Chrissy also shared how having the baby makes it all worth it though. She made a point of explaining how when she had her children, she didn’t remember the pain or the discomfort. Having a new baby brought into their family was totally worth the uncomfortable experiences.

'The First Time'

Chrissy Teigen on talk show
Gettyimages | NBC

Although their family seems just fine at first glance, having children was the result of trial and error so-to-speak. Chrissy shared how they didn’t have any success the first time around, and it ended in a miscarriage.

“Ours didn’t work the first time, and it was devastating. You realize that a lot of it is luck, and you can’t blame things on yourself. It’s so easy to try to figure out what you might have done “wrong” and do the opposite the next time.”

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