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'90 Day Fiance' Stacey Silva Shocks Saying Florian Sukaj Proposed During Sex!

Instagram @thesilvatwins
By Jacob Highley

Stacey Silva, sister to Darcey Silva (who is best known for her time on “90 Day Fiance”) just revealed that a whole lot of drama is coming about on their upcoming show Darcey and Stacey which premiers on TLC August 16th.

Early previews show Stacey defending her husband-to-be Florian Sukaj. The Albanian fitness model has a 15 year age gap between himself and Stacey. (Stacey was 40 and Florian was 25 when they met on social media) But that isn’t why her sister Darcey is suspicious of him.

'Really Good Looking'

Silva Twin in a black top
Instagram @thesilvatwins

Stacey explained that things started off slow, but quickly gained speed after she initially met Florian online

“Florian and I met four and a half years ago on social media, He went on my page, and liked some of my pictures, and I was like, ‘Wow, this guy’s really good-looking.’”

There was just something about him,” Stacey gushed. “And over time, our love grew.”

Stacey would spend the next six months getting to know him online before booking a flight to visit the handsome guy in person.

'We Were Making Love'

The Silva Twins in the pool
Instagram @thesilvatwins

“It was amazing,” Stacey said about her trip to visit Florian, “It was like a whirlwind adventure.”

While this was all great and dandy, things got steamy real fast after she arrived. Stacey explained that not 10 days after she arrived they were making love, and that is when he popped the question.

“He proposed fairly quickly, 10 days after we met, in our hotel room,” the love-struck blonde continued. “He looked me in the eye, and he asked me to marry him. We were making love.”

'Those Are Rumors'

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Instagram @thesilvatwins

While this isn’t an unheard of story or circumstance, what Florian reportedly did next has rattled viewer’s perception of their relationship entirely.

Pictures have come up showing him in risqué pictures with an unknown woman. The pics show that they aren’t wearing much clothing and can even be seen embracing and kissing each other on the cheeks.

Despite Darcey sharing this information with Stacey, she has refused to acknowledge that he would show infidelity before marriage!

“Those are rumors,” Stacey retorted. “Florian didn’t do anything.”

'Start Our Life Together'

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Instagram @thesilvatwins

Darcey insisted that she has encountered people who aren’t honest and aren't sure that Florian is true to her.

Stacey got upset and said that she was dead wrong.

“Darcey, everybody makes mistakes.”

“I want her to realize that Florian truly loves me, and he’s coming here so we can start our life together,” Stacey said.

So Stacey essentially played it off as nothing of importance, but fans aren’t convinced either. It remains to be seen just how faithful Florian really is since he is already traveling to the US to be with her.

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