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Mike Shouhed and girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen are seen on 'Shahs of Sunset.'

'Shahs Of Sunset' Star Mike Shouhed's Girlfriend Paulina Ben-Cohen Reveals How They Met, Dishes On The Show

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Lindsay Cronin

Mike Shouhed's girlfriend, Paulina Ben-Cohen, appeared on an episode of the "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast earlier this week and during the show, she opened up about her first moments with Mike before revealing if she watched the Bravo reality series before striking up a romance with the longtime star.

"We met through a mutual friend of ours and our first date was at taco bell. We were actually in the car on the way to sushi," Paulina recalled.

Mike Shouhed And Paulina Ben-Cohen Started Their Relationship At A Taco Bell

Mike Shouhed gets a kiss from girlfriend Paulina.
Paulina Ben-Cohen | Instagram

"I was vegan at the time and I was a little embarrassed to say it. It was kinda like, well, you know, we were just driving by and we saw a taco bell and I was like, you know, by the way, I love taco bell," Paulina recalled. "He's like, really? I'm like, yeah, I'm obsessed. And he's like, do you want to go? And I was like, absolutely."

Right away, Mike agreed to change their initial plan and head to the fast food chain.

Mike Shouhed And Paulina Ben-Cohen Got To Know Each Other Before Their Date

Mike Shouhed has drinks with Paulina.
Paulina Ben-Cohen | Instagram

"So we ended up going there and we were there for three plus hours and it was very cute because the security guard came over and he's like, you guys are just having a blast," Paulina shared.

While Mike and Paulina hit it off at Taco Bell, that wasn't their first time speaking. In fact, they were speaking for weeks before meeting up.

"That was our first date, but we were talking for three to four weeks prior to two meetings," Paulina explained.

Paulina Ben-Cohen Didn't See 'Shahs' Before Her Date With Mike Shouhed

Mike Shouhed gets a kiss from girlfriend Paulina.
Paulina Ben-Cohen | Instagram

When David then questioned Paulina about whether or not she was a fan of the show before she began dating Mike, she said, "Honestly, no."

"I'm not such a TV person. I have become one now during quarantine, but before not, not at all," she admitted. "Nor did I know who was on 'Shahs of Sunset.' I have heard of it before, obviously, but I didn't know who's on it. So actually before we met, I had no idea that he was on it."

Paulina Ben-Cohen's Friend Informed Her That Mike Shouhed Was On The Show

Mike Shouhed attends a baby shower with girlfriend Paulina.
Paulina Ben-Cohen | Instagram

"One of my girlfriends saw a picture of him and she's like, 'Do you know who that is?' And I was like, 'No,' she's like, 'That's Mike from Shahs of Sunset.' And I was like, 'Stop it.' So yeah, I had, I had no idea," Paulina confirmed.

Mike and his cast mates are expected to begin production on the upcoming ninth season of "Shahs of Sunset" sometime later this year. However, because of the ongoing shutdowns in Los Angeles, it hard to say when they will officially start filming.

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