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Chanel West Coast poses at an event

Chanel West Coast Forgets Her Shirt In 'Business Casual' Look

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Chanel West Coast confirmed it was "business casual" this week with a look that was only partially office-appropriate. The 31-year-old rapper and "Ridiculousness" star went super-sexy with a shirtless finish as she updated her Instagram on Tuesday – racy as the photo was, it wasn't a patch on the fully topless pasties shoot that saw West Coast "just out here dodging Corona like" earlier this year.

Chanel is fresh from her appearance on the "Wine and Weed" podcast. If you didn't catch the episode, you can still treat yourself to the photos.

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Recovering After Instagram Removed Her Bikini Photo

Chanel West Coast poses with friends in bikinis

Keep scrolling for the photo. The above one caused a giant hoopla on the "Black Roses" rapper's Instagram earlier this month after the platform removed the snap – and Chanel wasted no time in reposting it. According to the rapper, the bootylicious photo showing her with three gal pals had been reported and removed for "bullying and harrassment." She couldn't get her head around it.

Tuesday's photo took things away from swimwear. The LOL Cartle founder had gone chic with a professional shoot. She'd also rocked a look adored by the likes of Khloe Kardashian.

'On Tuesdays, We Wear Business Casual'

Chanel West Coast poses in boots and a hoodie

The classy snapshot, seen below, showed Chanel facing the camera, shot against a plain wall, and flaunting her killer cleavage in nothing but a tailored white blazer and nude, criss-cross bodysuit with open chest panels. Hints of a snazzy pair of animal-print pants were also visible, with West Coast pulling off her best vixen vibe as she posed with parted lips.

A caption from the rapper read: "On Tuesdays we wear business casual."

Over 103,000 likes have been left – and this is a star who complains when she doesn't get enough likes.

Complaining She Doesn't Get Enough Instagram Likes

Chanel West Coast poses in a hoodie and shorts

February 2020 saw West Coast in the news for actually complaining her fans don't leave her enough likes.

"For the most part I f_cking like everybody's sh_t, and nobody likes my sh_t. And I'm just like, b_tch I'm f_cking famous on a million episodes of TV, and you got way less followers than me and I'm liking your sh_t and you don't ever wanna like my sh_t?" she wrote, adding:

"Who the f_ck do you think you are? You think I'm desperate because I'm friendly and liking your sh_t? Ain't nobody f_cking desperate, I'm just being nice."

Then again, it isn't always straight-forward. Scroll for the slammed bikini snap.

Trolled Over 'Puffy' Face That Looks Like 'It's On Steroids'

Chanel West Coast poses in a bikini poolside

Chanel faced immense backlash back in April when makeup-free photos of the Fashion Nova partner posing poolside generated allegations of plastic surgery – and not the bikini body. Chanel's fans were taking swipes at her face, with one writing that her features looked "Puffy." Another, meanwhile, told the rapper she looked like she was "On steroids."

Zero complaints about Chanel's now-viral "Corona Rap," though. Also popular has been her pandemic-released "No Plans," with Chanel's 3.4 million Instagram followers recently getting BTS footage from the music video.

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