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Erika Jayne sports a blonde bob.

'RHOBH' Star Erika Jayne Slammed By 'Mexican Dynasties' Cast Members As 'Snobby'

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta
By Lindsay Cronin

Erika Jayne was targeted by a couple of former Bravolebrities on a recent episode of the "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast earlier this week.

In a report shared by The Sun, Jenny Allende and her husband, Elan Allende, suggested that when it comes to "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member, she isn't exactly the nicest person to deal with, especially compared to the other women of the show, who the couple said were quite pleasant during their encounters.

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Erika Jayne Reportedly Ignored The Couple, At First

Jenny and Elan Allende pose together.
Jenny Allende | Instagram

Speaking of her initial meeting with Erika, Jenny said that while she was super excited to get to meet the longtime Bravo cast member, she was disappointed by her behavior.

"This is crazy because I was excited to see Erika, but I was so disappointed because she was such a b***h," Jenny recalled of her brief moment with Erika.

According to Jenny, Erika wouldn't acknowledge her or her husband's existences until she learned that they too were on a Bravo series.

Jenny Allende Claims Erika Jayne Was A 'B*h'

Jenny Allende shares a photo of her family.
Jenny Allende | Instagram

"She was such a b***h, it's the truth," Jenny continued.

"I have to tell you my experience. She was such a b***h. She, I told her, 'let's take a picture'. And she didn't want to take a picture with me until she noticed that I was part of the cast of 'Mexican Dynasties,'" Jenny explained. "She saw me on the video."

Once Erika saw Jenny was part of the network team, she told her they should take a pic with one another.

Jenny Allende Was So Disappointed By Erika Jayne

Jenny Allende takes a selfie.
Jenny Allende | Instagram

"And then she said, 'okay, now let's take a picture'. And I'm like, 'girl, now you wanna take a picture with me?' And then we took the picture and she was like such a b***h," Jenny explained.

"Erika was the b***hiest and I was so disappointed," she added.

Although Jenny and Elan were not thrilled with Erika, with Elan describing her as "snobby," they enjoyed their meeting with Kyle, who they felt was one of the nicest cast members of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Elan Allende Shares His Thoughts About Erika Jayne

The 'Mexican Dynasties' cast poses for a photo.
Jenny Allende | Instagram

According to Elan, he felt that Erika was giving off the vibe that she felt she was better than others because of her wealth.

"Like, what's the word when you have like money and then you feel like you're like, you're entitled. And you're like, 'Oh, I'm like so much better than everyone else,'" he stated.

To see more of Erika and her cast mates, don't miss the new episodes of the 10th season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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