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Draya Michele loves the ocean

Draya Michele Displays Saucy Booty In White Daisy Dukes Quoting Nicki Minaj

Draya Michele / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Actress and Instagram influencer Draya Michele took to Instagram to wear white daisy dukes, cutting a saucy picture with her booty popping out to show them thick thighs. Her caption was a shoutout to the Queen of rap, Nicki Minaj.

While it could be just an innocent tribute, Draya has been in the news quite a bit recently, mostly because of her much-hyped tiff with Megan Thee Stallion.

Post all the backlash, Draya may need to align herself with some big names, and this could be her way of doing it.

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Is Draya Trying To Cozy Up To Nicki Minaj?

Draya Michele is smokin' in a bikini
Draya Michele / Instagram

It all began when Draya shot her mouth on a podcast, joking about how she wished someone loved her enough to shoot her in the foot too, much like Meg.

While Megan Thee Stallion savagely shredded Draya on Twitter, she also lost her Savage X Fenty endorsement deal.

Draya did apologize, but she still faced flak from fans and trolls alike has been trying to put herself in as positive a light as she can.

Even if its a bathroom light, as seen in a post that went up some 18 hours ago.

A Shout Out to Minaj's Song

Draya Michele's daisy dukes are epic
Draya Michele / Instagram

Draya captioned this gorgeous picture of hers as "degular 🤎 shmegular" as a step above and beyond Nicki Minaj's 2018 song, "Regular Degular" which spoke all about thick thighs and slim waists, which kind of embodies Draya...

The number of likes on Draya's gorgeous pic is inching towards 150,000, and fans are feeling Autumn Night vibes from the series "P-Valley".

Dressed in white denim cutoffs and a peach crop top, Draya looked very chic especially with that boxy Chanel bag matching the bathroom door color.

Here's the Nicki Minaj song.

Fans Are Only Too Willing To Forgive Draya

Draya Michele is smokin' in a bikini
Draya Michele / Instagram

While it seemed Draya did have a bit of a struggle with the backlash, her latest posts indicate that she seems to be doing a lot better than before, posting all about her thick thighs, her eyes and now her very bodacious booty.

Fans are only too happy to forgive and forget Draya, with many writing in positive comments to her as well, declaring that everyone is allowed a mistake or two.

That body and face is winning back her fans pretty quickly, as is seen in the comments.

Want More Of Draya?

Draya Michele thinks people are fine AF
Draya Michele / Instagram

Her "thick thighs" did show some cellulite but fans lapped it all up, commenting, "I want you, cellulite n all!"

One of her followers, obviously a Nicki Minaj fan as well, did catch on to the song and remarked, "stop it ma u far from regular or degular about you".

Other fans wished they were that Chanel bag, simply because it was so close to Draya and resting on her gorgeous behind.

Meanwhile, for all the fans who have missed Draya, there's a new show in town, and its called "Doses Of Draya"...

Here's the first prescription!

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