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Gal Gadot Dubbed 'Brave' For Instagram Challenge, Fans See Red With Million Likes

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Rima Pundir

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot executed a neat Internet challenge on Instagram and earned a cool one million likes in less than a day.

Clearly, she is worthy of playing Wonder Woman and now fans wonder what Captain Marvel, aka Brie Larson, would do on Instagram to prove her worthiness.

Was the challenge tough? Well, some would agree it was because not many could do this with the ease Gal Gadot did it with.

Probably why some fans called her brave for doing so, while others saw red.

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Gal Slew The B&W Pic Challenge

Gal Gadot in her B&W pic challenge
Gal Gadot / Instagram

Let's first talk about the other challenges so accepted by Gal Gadot, one being the black and white picture challenge which she got down to a pat with a gorgeous picture, which she credited to photographer and artist Dudi Hasson.

She captioned the image, "having good-hearted, strong and inspiring women in my life has been one of the greatest gifts.. sending a big virtual hug your way🎀"

Reason enough for one to comment, "Such a beautiful and strong woman! On the inside just as much as on the outside"...

Here's Gal wearing a mask to further that strength.

Her 2020 Meme Is A Set Of Videos

Gal Gadot 's 2020 meme
Gal Gadot / Instagram

Then came the whole year 2020 meme, a trend successfully started by Reese Witherspoon, bless her funny heart.

Gal's meme was funny too with the added advantage that it was not a set of pictures for the nine months, rather, a set of gif videos playing perfectly to the sentiments various 2020 months have evoked due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With 3.7 million views, one Instagram user said it perfectly, "Wake me up when September ends😕"...

Other fans want her to do the rest of the three months as well. Here's the video playing out...

The Pasta Challenge?

Gal Gadot executes the red pasta in white outfit "challenge"
Gal Gadot / Instagram

This is the challenge that Gal Gadot has been called brave for. Doesn't seem like much, does it? All she is doing is sitting, and eating pasta, right?

But look again. She is eating a plateful of red pasta, while wearing white clothes, sitting on a white couch...

Yep, its the "stain" challenge, and Gal captioned it as "Red pasta and an all-white outfit? Challenge accepted."

One of her Instagram followers had the perfect reply, "If my mom saw me doing this the red on the couch wouldn't be spaghetti sauce".

That's a big ouch, much like Gal Gadot's song...

One Fan Went OTT & Got Slammed

Gal Gadot sizzles in WW1984 red lipstick
Gal Gadot / Instagram

One fan saw red, and it's not the pasta.

The comment read, "Nothing like bragging about luxurious pasta when people are starving and losing jobs to the pandemic 👏"...

Instagram users who still had their heads firmly screwed onto their shoulders had a befitting reply to the troll, "I can’t tell if you’re serious or not. Luxurious pasta? Really?? It’s pasta. Just wanna be mad for no reason. 🙄"

Another trolled the troll even cooler, "nothing like scrolling through this luxurious app while people are starving and losing jobs to the pandemic😂"...

Guess her launching a lipstick in the pandemic would be even worse! But there it is, with nearly 2 million likes...

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