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Noah Cyrus looks ethereal on Instagram

Noah Cyrus Is All-Skin Fiery Thirst Trap, Sister Brandi Feels Lacking

Noah Cyrus / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Noah Cyrus just took to Instagram to blow it all away with one photograph, of her wearing nothing but what her mama gave her.

The Cyrus sisters have probably taken a sort of oath to keep killing their fans with pictures so hot, some phones may just be on fire!

With what Noah pulled off, the rest of the Cyrus sisters may be feeling just a little "lacking" in some areas, not that they are any less sizzling.

Prepare to be blown away...

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Noah Cyrus Is Pure Power

Noah Cyrus stunned fans with her beauty
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

Unlike Miley Cyrus' in-your-face-appeal and Brandi Cyrus' smokeshow pictures, Noah has more of ethereal beauty to her, and fans have been appreciating it more and more in the past few months.

A couple of days back she posted a picture of hers wearing a barely-there animal print bikini, with her eyes making most of the picture.

Wrote a besotted fan, "in case nobody has told you this yet, you are loved" while another remarked, "oh my god 🤩 stopppppp that right now"...

Here's more of that hotness!

Bare Bodied Beauty

Noah Cyrus is naked on Instagram
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

But the picture that really made jaws drop was this one, in which Noah Cyrus sits on the grass, not a stitch in sight.

Posted just 10 hours ago, fans have already liked the picture some 433,000 times and this number is only likely to go higher.

One of Noah's fans wrote, "🤩🤩🤩 you really are the baddest" while another was slain and remarked, "wow an actual goddess😍💚✨"...

And Noah Cyrus did blow everyone away with nothing more than sheer beauty, considering we saw no clothes or makeup!

While fans were worried about bugs in the grass, Noah is on another weed...

Skin Sells. Horses Don't

Noah Cyrus atop a horse is nice, but naked is better
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

Before she went all naked, here's Noah atop Fluffy, and in "the pursuit of happiness", this is what she named her white steed.

This picture did not elicit the same response from fans as did the one in the buff though, which goes on to show that skin sells. As does sex.

Meanwhile, Brandi Cyrus felt a little less than confident after seeing Noah's nudie, commenting, "Dayum I thought the swimsuit pic I’m about to post was fire but 👀 👀 👀"...

Steed apart, here's Noah with her, erm, stud.

Is Brandi Cyrus Sulking?

Noah Cyrus sizzles in red!
Noah Cyrus / Instagram

So fans got together to cheer Brandi Cyrus up, writing, "omg all of you Cyrus women are gorgeous. 🔥🔥😊"

Another Cyrus sister fan wrote, "The Cyrus sisters are thirst trapping today and I’m here for it..."

More asked Brandi not to feel shy and post the picture anyway, and she did exactly that, posting a cool picture of hers in an animal print bikini.

Clearly, Noah's bare-bodied post has taken all the likes away, considering Brandi Cyrus's pic just got some 12,000 likes...

Here's the post anyway...

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