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Davina Potratz attends a 'Selling Sunset' premiere.

'Selling Sunset' Star Davina Poratz Explains 'Neutral' Stance Amid Chrishell Stause & Justin Hartley's Divorce

Gettyimages | Rochelle Brodin
By Lindsay Cronin

Davina Potratz is opening up about where she stands in regard to her "Selling Sunset" co-star Chrishell Stause's messy divorce from husband Justin Hartley, of "This is Us" fame.

After Chrishell made headlines by "liking" a series of posts on Twitter in which it was suggested that Justin had cheated, Davina spoke to PEOPLE magazine about their split and explained why she made the decision to remain "neutral" amid production on the Nexflix series' third season, which took place at the end of last year and continued until early this year.

Davina Potratz 'Absolutely' Supports Chrishell Stause

Davina Potratz is seen at her $75 million listing.
Davina Potratz | Instagram

After Davina said on a recent episode of "Selling Sunset" that “there are two sides to every story,” and that she needed to hear Justin's side before making any judgements regarding his split from Chrishelle, she assured the magazine that although she stands by her comments, there's no bad blood between her and her cast mate.

“I want to be neutral and that does not mean that I defend Justin and don't support Chrishell. I absolutely support Chrishell and she knows that,” Davina explained, noting that she has "nothing but compassion and empathy for Chrishell and her situation.”

Davina Potratz Says The 'Selling Sunset' Cast Is 'Family'

Davina Potratz is seen above Los Angeles.
Davina Potratz | Instagram

While Davina and her cast mates have dealt with their fair share of drama over the years, she claimed they are “one big family" at the end of the day and noted that there is no ill will between them.

As fans saw on "Selling Sunset," Justin filed for divorce from Chrishell at the end of last year and informed her that he did so by reportedly sending her a text message. Afterwards, Chrishell alluded to the fact that she was completely blindsided by his decision.

Throughout the first couple of seasons, Davina has often been classified as the villain of the show. However, when it comes to her portrayal, the very honest and blunt cast member isn't mad about it.

Davina Potratz Is Ready And Willing To Deliver The Drama

Davina Potratz is seen with her 'Selling Sunset' co-stars.
Davina Potratz | Instagram

“I appreciate that it's a show made for maximum drama,” Davina said. “I think that it delivers what the fans want to see.”

Amid the series' third season, Davina said she's doing well and much better on the show as she continues to share more of her life with the cameras.

“I think you see a little more of the friendships that we have with each other. I think I'm in it a lot more and I feel better, in general, about how I do on the show,” she shared.

Davina Potratz Was Added To The 'RHOBH' Cast At The Last Minute

Davina Potratz is seen in a purple dress.
Davina Potratz | Instagram

According to Davina, she was not initially selected for a full-time position on the show. Instead, producers chose to bring her aboard just a short time before production began on season one.

“I was added a month before they started filming [season 1] and the rest of the cast was locked in for two years,” she revealed.

To see more of Davina, Chrishell, and their co-stars, don't miss new episodes of the third season of "Selling Sunset," which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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