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Demi Rose Plunges Into Past Life, As Deep As Her Dress Does

Gettyimages | Kirstin Sinclair
By Rima Pundir

There's nothing half or half-sized about Demi Rose, and she proved it yet again by wearing a plunging dress showing off massive cleavage, while on her little getaway to Ibiza.

After the pandemic seems to have become the new normal, Demi Rose headed off to blue waters and sunny skies along with her equally "asset-ed" friend, Bethany Lily April.

Why, because, as Demi Rose put it succinctly, "Who needs men anyway? 😉"...

Fans have, as usual, tripped over those dangerous curves and her latest post is already close to 300,000 likes in 17 hours.

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'Who Needs Men?' Umm, You?

Demi Rose on holiday with friend Bethany Lily April
Demi Rose / Instagram

Now Demi must have thought it was cute to put up a picture of her with her busty gal pal Bethany Lily April in a rather striking pose and contrast, but some of her male fans took offense to her caption of not needing men.

Wrote one of her followers, shooting straight from the hip, "You do 90% of your followers are men".

Another comment on the same lines read, "I mean without them I'm not sure you'd have an income or any followers 🤔"...

Could be true, which is why this is "all for you".

Female Fans Ready To 'Stalk Her'

Demi Rose is a vision in denim
Demi Rose / Instagram

Of course, its not always about cleavage with Demi Rose. Sometimes its also about sideboobs, particularly when she forgets to put a tee under some very cute denim dungarees.

A female follower of hers wrote to her, "If I was a guy, I d be the biggest stalker... like restraining order type 😝" to which another Instagram user had an epic reply, "don't have to be a guy nowadays".

One fan got concerned for Demi's safety, writing, "Uh, Don be giving guys ideas. This sh*t happens. And Teddy won't be much of protection. She should own an Akita dog. Cute and huge"...

But Teddy seems to be doing just fine here.

Demi Believes She Was Once A Mermaid

Demi Rose's necklines defy gravity
Demi Rose / Instagram

Getting back to the "deep, deep" post, Demi took to wearing a gorgeous floral dress whose neckline defied gravity by falling so deep and yet staying up.

Or maybe, it had ample support from Demi's twins. Either way, Demi's latest post is getting fans hot and bothered, and not with emotions, but hormones.

Demi captioned this as, "Found out about my past lives today... Uno siendo una Sirena en el Pacifico 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🤍" and translated it means that in her past life, she was a mermaid in the Pacific...

She does look the part...

With Those Curves, Fans Believe It Too

Demi Rose looks gorgeous in a mesh swimsuit
Demi Rose / Instagram

Fans had apt responses, of course with one going, "that yøu’re an Ibiza gøddess?? Dammit whø tøld her??"

Another comment read, "💞💞 you are so beautiful I would believe it 🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️💞💞"...

Well, Demi is all that, and since she is an Instagram influencer, she knows how to make use of her beauty and curves perfectly.

Even if her pictures drive some men to write creepy comments like, "You're mine and no one can take you from me💘💏💋"...

Demi, meanwhile, seems pretty "over it".

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