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Kelly Osbourne weight loss

Kelly Osbourne 'Feels Like A New Person' After Her Incredible 85-Pound Weight Loss

By Clark Sparky

Kelly Osbourne has been wowing fans over the past couple of months by sharing selfies that show her dramatic weight loss. She revealed in a recent comment on one of her Instagram posts that she has dropped 85 pounds during the coronavirus pandemic. Now a source is speaking to Life & Style about how Osbourne lost the weight, and her plans for keeping it off and maintaining a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

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The source said the 35-year-old "feels like a new person."

“After years of fad eating plans and yo-yo dieting, Kelly has finally realized what works for her,” the insider continued. “She’s embraced her vegan diet and she incorporates weights into her exercise routine, which includes a lot of walking.”

The source said Osbourne has gone through "a total change about how she thinks about food. Kelly loves cooking now more than ever and she says it helps if she avoids eating anything boring.”

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A big part of the transformation for Osbourne, according to the source, has been her mental approach to how she thinks about her body.

“Kelly doesn’t obsess about her body anymore and once she stopped beating herself up and concentrated on healthier choices, the pounds just started coming off,” the source said.


"The Real" cohost Jeannie Mai‘s mother, Olivia TuTram Mai, noting the transformation in the comments of one of Osbourne's posts: “Oh my gosh, you lost a lot of weight,” she wrote.

“That’s right, Mamma Mai. I lost 85 pounds since I last saw you. Can you believe it?” Osbourne replied.

The daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne previously talked to Shape about some of the strategies that have helped her with the weight loss journey.

"I don't like diet foods; they make you miserable and don't fill you up," she told the publication. "I had to find foods I enjoy eating. Otherwise, I never would have stuck to the plan."

Osbourne says she's gotten into doing plyometrics with her friends, and that's been her go-to workout to help shed the pounds. Additionally, she discovered what helps get her motivated to got to the gym.

"I would look at myself and think, 'Ugh!' she said. "I was miserable. To get to the gym when you already don't like yourself is really hard. So I had to make it fun. I started wearing cute outfits and putting on a little bit of makeup. And as vain as it sounds, it really helped me because eventually I stopped hating the way I looked."

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