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Michelle Pfeiffer 'Shamed' For Not Aging In Bikini Selfie On Instagram!

Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Veteran actress Michelle Pfeiffer who has a Golden Globe and an Emmy to her name, as well as three Academy Award nominations, just posted a gorgeous selfie on Instagram that had her looking way younger than her 62 years.

Her skin glowed and Pfeiffer looked happy, and all that joy showed on her skin and face as she blew everyone's minds with her stunning bikini body.

Married to produced David E. Kelley for over 26 years now, its probably her happy marriage that has kept Michelle in the pink of youth.

Michelle Got An Indecent Proposal On This Pic

Michelle Pfeiffer looks fresh faced in this selfie
Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram

This is Michelle posting on a Saturday, two weeks ago, looking as fresh as a daisy, with the caption, "Saturday Chilling".

Her fresh-faced appeal and that stunning smile made Naomi Campbell and Charlize Theron sent in heart and fire emojis.

Another fan took to leaving a rather indecent proposal on her age, writing, "I’ll be over in 20, do you still have that box of red from last night or should I get a fresh box? You know what just text me I’m in Trader Joe’s."

While fans can dream on, here's a gorgeous throwback pic from Michelle.

Michelle Got Slammed For Wearing A Damn Mask

Michelle believes in wearing a mask
Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram

She may be chilling on Saturdays, but when it keeps to being a concerned citizen, Michelle is all for the mask.

She posted this picture of hers last month with the caption, "This isn’t about politics, this is about keeping each other safe. #WearADamnMask. Thanks @juliannemoore"

Only, most of the comments on her page seemed to slam her for it, with one Instagram user writing, "It’s ONLY about politics, And all you high paid influencers know it! Think for yourselves, people!"...

Well, at least her 2020 meme was well received...

Rocked A Bikini at 62!

Michelle Pfeiffer  is smokin' in a bikini
Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram

Then, of course, comes this Sunday selfie. Michelle Pfeiffer looked superhot in a navy blue bikini with a sunhat and goggles in tow as she leaned into the camera with a smile.

She captioned the pic as "Happy (Selfie) Sunday 💛" and Selma Blair was quick to comment with a "Your selfie. Made this selfie. Happy."

One Instagram comment called Michelle "Hello Mayor of Babetown" while another fan waxed eloquent about how they were such a huge fan of her since the time of "Grease 2".

Meanwhile, you can see her next in "French Exit".

Fans Said Shame For Not Aging...

Michelle Pfeiffer wishes all her fans a happy pride
Michelle Pfeiffer / Instagram

One fan remarked, "You look no different to when you filmed Scarface 😊" and that's some compliment considering Scarface happened in 1983.

Meanwhile, one fan called shame to Michelle, commenting rather sweetly, "It’s a shame you don’t age. At all. ❤️"

More fans took to commenting on her beauty, writing, "A natural beauty ❤️ and you have gorgeous skin".

Of course, along with a stunning smile, Michelle also has a heart of gold, and she showed a glimpse of it as she wished everyone a happy Pride, looking stunning, as always.

But sometimes, she's more than ready to poke fun at herself, like what she did below...

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