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Gia Giudice with hair down

Gia Giudice, 19, Stuns Next To $150,000 Porsche On Instagram Calls It Her 'Fresh Ride'

Gettyimages | Manny Carabel
By Jacob Highley

Gia Giudice, daughter of Joe & Teresa Giudice, just posted an update on her social media announcing that she had rented a $150,000 Porsche. The 19-year-old social media influencer just flew to Las Angeles California and needed a ride. When she arrived she hooked up with a reputable supplier and got herself an absolutely fabulous rental car.

Her father Joe reposted the picture on is own social media, and Gia’s original post generated thousands of likes online.

She captioned the post thanking her supplier and can be seen with different poses next to the luxurious ride.

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Quite The Drama

Gia Giudice with boyfriend on the beach
Instagram @_giagiudice

Interestingly, Gia’s family has had quite the drama in past years. Her mother and father split in 2019, and Gia herself has had a personal life that often makes headlines.

This ranges from relationship updates (like her latest photos showing her spending time with her boyfriend on Instagram) to plastic surgery where she had her nose length changed.

Her father Joe didn’t actually like the nose job and he has told the press that he thinks she looked better before the surgery.

'A Very Dangerous Guy'

Gia Giudice with porsche
Instagram @_giagiudice

Joe’s time before being deported was rather controversial. He shared how he had two immigration officers who were by his side the whole time as he was deported, and how he actually kind of won them over just because he was so nice to them.

“I had two immigration officers, one on each side, taking selfies with me the whole time,” Joe told Cohen, adding that they left from an airport in Washington, D.C. “One guy in front, and I think there was someone else who carried a gun on a plane. You know, I’m a very dangerous guy.”

'Have A Good Time'

Gia Giudice with mom
Gettyimages | Paul Zimmerman

Joe continued by sharing how he told the officers where they could go to have a good time in the area they were flying to. He also shared how he didn’t want to be in handcuffs, and they obliged him.

“They stood on the plane all the way until we got to Rome. I told them where to go and have a good time, because they were staying there ’til Monday, so they were heading out to a few islands in Naples, and then they were heading back home,” Joe adds. “So told them where to go. I gave them recommendations to go and have a good time.


Gia Giudice with parents
Gettyimages | Dave Kotinsky

Although Gia’s parents aren’t in the best place right now, they do take time to spend with their daughter and will occasionally be seen together on account of trying to get a semi-family photo. Gia hasn’t really spoken about her family’s status on her social media, but she does mention her parents in posts regularly.

It isn’t exactly clear why Gia was traveling to California, but her fans were happy to see her having a good time and driving around in style!

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