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The Loves Of B&B's Steffy Forrester

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By Carol Cassada

Steffy Forrester is considered by many soap fans to be the new heroine of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Steffy was named after her grandmother, the legendary Stephanie Forrester. Just like her namesake, Steffy has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business.

As the daughter of Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes, Steffy has been part of plenty of storylines throughout the years.

Of course as with any soap opera, the character's love life takes central focus.

Steffy has had a few lovers over the years, so let's take a look at her previous loves along with her new beau.

Rick Forrester


When Jacqueline MacInnes Wood took over the role of Steffy in 2008, she was immediately thrust into a big storyline.

Steffy's twin sister Phoebe died in a car wreck, in which Rick Forrester (played by Kyle Lowder) was the driver.

Following Phoebe's death, Steffy blamed Rick for the accident. However, after some time, Steffy forgave Rick.

Steffy and Rick then began a relationship much to the dismay of her parents and grandmother.

Despite the warnings from her family, Steffy continued seeing Rick. The couple even made plans to elope.

However, Steffy broke off the relationship when Rick was confessed on tape that he was using Steffy to get back at Ridge.

Bill Spencer


After her relationship with Rick, Steffy's next big romance was with an older man.

Steffy began to develop feelings for publishing tycoon Bill Spencer.

Bill feels the same way about Steffy, yet the couple never gives in to their urges. Bill is married to Katie Logan, and promises Steffy he'll leave his wife for her.

However, when Katie suffers a heart attack, Bill decides to stay with her, and ends his relationship with Steffy.

Steffy and Bill move on with their lives, but in 2017, their romance is once again revisited.

After a fight with Liam, Steffy stays at her grandfather's guest house. Bill stops by to check on her and before long the two give in to passion.

The next morning Steffy feels remorse for what she did and wants to forget the whole thing. However, when she discovers she's pregnant she's worried the baby may be Bill's.

A paternity test later reveals Liam is the father, however when he discovers the results, Steffy confesses that she slept with his father.

Steffy and Liam break up, and Bill tries to persuade Steffy to give him a chance, but she refuses.

Following the birth of their daughter Kelly, it looks like Steffy and Liam are going to reunite, but that's short-lived when she discovers him making out with Hope Logan.

Upon hearing news of Liam and Steffy's break up, Bill proposes to Steffy and offers to give her a good life. Steffy turns down his proposal and wants to focus on becoming an independent woman.

While Steffy and Bill's romance may have ended, recent events has fans believing that a possible reunion could be in store for the couple.

Wyatt Spencer


After one of her many break ups with Liam Spencer, Steffy finds comfort with his half-brother Wyatt.

When Liam disappears after an argument, Steffy believes it's over between them. However, what she doesn't know is that Liam has amnesia and has been kidnapped by Wyatt's mother Quinn Fuller.

With Liam gone, Steffy and Wyatt grow closer and marry in a beachside ceremony.

However, when Liam regains his memory, he returns and reveals that Quinn held him captive.

Upon learning that Steffy's married to Wyatt, Liam tries to convince her to divorce him. However, Steffy refuses and vows to stay with Wyatt.

But Steffy and Wyatt's marriage hits a rough patch thanks to his mother Quinn.

When Quinn begins a relationship with Steffy's grandfather Eric Forrester, this puts her and Wyatt at odds. Wyatt supports the couple's relationship, while Steffy feels it's a mistake and Quinn can't be trusted.

Eventually, Steffy and Wyatt decide to part ways.

Liam Spencer

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Steffy's biggest love story for the past 10 years has been her on-again, off-again relationship with Liam Spencer.

Throughout the years, Steffy has had to battle Hope Logan for Liam's affections, leading to the never-ending Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle.

Steffy and Liam have been married three times, and they have a daughter together. Just when it looks like the couple will have a happy ending, something comes along to break them apart. When things get tough, Liam tends to go to Hope for comfort.

The love triangle has left fans torn, often Hope fans and Steffy fans argue over whose the better woman for Liam.

With Liam now married to Hope, and the couple raising their own family, Steffy once again has found herself heartbroken.

Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan

Tanner Novlan - Instagram

When new episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" began, fans were in for a treat with the addition of Dr. John "Finn" Finnegan, played by Tanner Novlan.

Already the show is hinting at a romance between Finn and Steffy. With Steffy recovering from the injuries of her motorcycle accident, Finn has been making house calls to check up on her.

B&B fans have noticed the chemistry between the two characters, and how Steffy is back to her fun-loving self.

Finn and Steffy's love story is still in the beginning stages, but he's already won the seal of approval from Steffy fans.

This time fans are hoping their favorite B&B heroine finds happiness at last.

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