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A photo showing an officer, ushering R Kelly, who's dressed in a prison jumpsuit, out of the court.

R.Kelly's Colleagues Arrested For Allegedly Trying to Terrify Witnesses

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By Favour

R.Kelly may have to appear in court very soon, after three of his colleagues were recently arrested, on charges of intimidating victims and witnesses. According to the reports, the trio tried to pay off the victims, to change their testimonies about the former singer.

They had engaged in the act because the singer's trial date is coming close. The police say that they have remanded a Donnell Russell, Michael Williams and Richard Arline Jr, who is said to be Kelly's former personal advisor.

R.Kelly To Begin Racketeering Trial Soon

A photo showing R.Kelly's legal team shielding him from reporters outside the court room.
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According to a source, Kelly is set to begin his trial, in connection with a charge for racketeering. The police has also refrained from disclosing the identity of the the victims, set to testify in court against the singer.

Unknown to them, Kelly's minions would find them and try to buy their silence. The Department of Justice, revealed that the three men involved in this act of targeted harassment, will be charged separately in court.

Seth DuCharme said that the department will not tolerate any form of victim intimidation, whether it was harmful or not.

R.Kelly's Colleagues Bag Serious Charges


Reports have confirmed that the offenders were given separate charges and will be arraigned in court soon.

Kelly's trusted advisor, Arline Jr. was charged with "attempting to corruptly persuade the testimony of an alleged victim in the Kelly case."

A conversation between him and the victim was captured with a wiretap. It revealed that Arline Jr. offered to give the victim the sum of $500,000 for her to remain silent on the case.

It is unclear what this means for Arline, but the charges are quite serious.

A throwback photo showing R.Kelly on a white jacket and pant, sitting on a gold throne, during a performance.
Instagram | R Kelly

Williams on the other hand has a more serious case on his hands because he almost went to the extreme with the victim. According to the police report, he is a relative of one of Kelly's publicists.

The police are charging him with "using and attempting to use intimidation and threats against an alleged victim in the Kelly case."

Also, he faces charges for "maliciously damaging and destroying a vehicle by means of fire and an explosive."

On June 11, 2020, a car was burned down outside one of Kelly's victim's home, in an attempt to frighten her.

A photo showing R.Kelly rocking a large gold chain on his neck and black shades.
Instagram | R Kelly

Lastly, Russell, who was charged to court on Wednesday, faces two serious court cases. Sources revealed that the Justice Department, charged him with "using emails, internet and mobile phones to threaten and emotionally blackmail one of Kelly's victims.

The JD also levied a charge of using Facebook, as a medium to preach about R.Kelly. The page, named "Surviving Lies," was created to defend the singer against all the charges against him. This was done prior to the release of a docuseries titled "Surviving R.Kelly" which features the female victims of his alleged abuse.

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