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Kanye West is not doing well in his bid for president in 2020.

Poll Shows That Kanye West Only Has 2% Of Black Vote As His Presidential Chances Continue To Fade Away

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Kanye West continues to believe that he has a shot at winning the 2020 election. This is despite the fact that he's missed deadlines in states to appear on their ballots and how he's been removed from New Jersey and his home state of Illinois' due to many of the signatures being ruled as invalid. He may also be investigated for election fraud. West initially announced that he would be running for president late on July 4 which shocked everyone.

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West is now reportedly only receiving 2% of the black vote in polls.
Kanye West- "Follow God" music video

West received co-signs from 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, and even Elon Musk. His chances at the presidency continue to fade away though as there have been reports that he's just running to sway voters away from Joe Biden for Donald Trump. Republicans have supposedly been trying to help him do this but Ye emphasized on Twitter that the goal is to win. According to a new poll though, he is not popular with the black vote at all, according to Politico.

Kanye West continues to do poorly in the polls and has been in scandals but still hasn't dropped out of the presidential race.
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

This Politico/Morning Consult poll states that West is only receiving 2% of votes from black voters. He also only received 2% of votes from all voters in general. Biden also has a 9-point national lead over Trump.

Despite this poll not showing any signs of positivity for Ye, he is sadly popular in other demographics. He is liked by Gen Z voters as they will be eligible to vote for the first time this year. West is favored by them at 31% but only 6% would actually cast ballots for him.

People simply don't believe that West is qualified to hold the office of President.
Gettyimages | Rich Fury/VF20

“I think a lot of people of color view Kanye’s bid for the presidency as a quixotic one, and they don’t see him as being legitimate for the office. It’s more of yet another Kanye publicity stunt,” said Ron Christie, who is a a Black Republican strategist and also a former aide to Dick Cheney. (Via Politico) "Democrats traditionally get 90-plus percent of the black vote. I think a lot of people are going to look at Kanye and just say, ‘I don’t think so.

Gettyimages | Pierre Suu

This news comes in the midst of West trying to repair his marriage with Kim Kardashian after he dissed her in multiple Twitter rants last month. Last week, the two went on vacation to the Dominican Republic so they can spend more time together and then, they flew to Miami. West also went after Kris Jenner on Twitter last month for trying to get him help with Kardashian for his bipolar disorder. He has since apologized to Jenner yesterday by saying she makes good music playlists.

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