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Maya Vander attends the Critics' Choice TV Awards.

Maya Vander Credits Christine Quinn For 'Selling Sunset' Success, Explains Absence Of Husband

Gettyimages | JC Olivera
By Lindsay Cronin

Maya Vander believes that if it weren't for Christine Quinn, she and her "Selling Sunset" co-stars would have never got beyond the series' first season.

Although it is Chrishell Stause and her messy split from actor Justin Hartley that is at the center of storyline at the moment, Maya believes it was Christine's persona that captured the interest of their Netflix viewers and ensured the series would be renewed for a second season.

While appearing on "Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef" podcast on August 11, Maya discussed the matter, as well as her husband's absence.

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Christine Quinn Is A Big Personality On 'Selling Sunset'

Maya Vander poses with her two kids.
Maya Vander | Instagram

"You know what? Christine [makes] the show. I mean, I honestly, I don't think the show would be actually as fun and successful without Christine," Maya said during the interview. "One hundred percent. Christine is a very big personality and she's definitely more interesting than myself, you know, the boring, the mom with the kids who actually do real estate and all that."

According to Maya, Christine is a very big personality who brings a lot to the series with her personality and her fashion.

Christine Quinn Definitely 'Makes The Show'

Maya Vander enjoys a night out on the town.
Maya Vander | Instagram

"She's very out there, the fashion, the statement, everything," Maya continued. "So she's more interesting to watch and she can go crazy and do stuff. So I would say she definitely makes the show."

That said, Maya acknowledged that the other ladies add a lot to the series as well.

"Everybody has their own personality and, and you know, they all bring something to the show," she admitted. "But I would a hundred percent say if it wasn't for, unfortunately for the last scene with Chrishell in first season, which was crazy dramatic scene, I don't know if we would have a season two."

Maya Vander Does Share Photos Of Her Husband On Instagram

Maya Vander poses wit husband.
Maya Vander | Instagram

While Maya knows that it takes an ensemble to make a show, she doesn't think that the series would be "interesting enough" without Christine.

Moving on to her husband, with whom she shares two young children, Maya addressed why her man is not featured on "Selling Sunset."

“You know, I'm trying to at least show him on social media to actually show that I do have a husband and I don't just imagine," Maya joked. "So I try to share him on some on some Instagram stuff and, you know, just show my more personal family, you know, life, lifestyle."

Maya Vander Was Nearly Fired From 'Selling Sunset'

Maya Vander enjoys a date with her husband.
Maya Vander | Instagram

"But unfortunately TV is just off limits," Maya continued.

Maya then admitted that after refusing to show her husband on the series, she was nearly fired.

"I think [they were] wanting to cut me from the show because I couldn't bring my [husband]. It was almost, I was almost getting cut because I couldn't have him on the show," she shared.

To see more of Maya and her cast mates, including Christine and Chrishell, tune into the third season of "Selling Sunset", which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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