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Brian Austin Green poses for photographers

Brian Austin Green Is 'Annoyed' With Megan Fox For Moving On 'So Quickly' After Their Relationship

Gettyimages | Mike Pont
By Chris Barilla

The highly-publicized split between actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox has been one that has played out very detailed in the media since news broke, largely in part to Green's openness to discussing the topic and a myriad of other issues surrounding his personal life on his own podcast. However, a source close to Green is now claiming that he is "annoyed" by the fact that Fox moved on so quickly and publicly after their split, taking up with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

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According to a source for 'People', the 'Beverly Hills 90210' alum is seemingly fed up with the overt public displays of affection his ex-wife has been sharing constantly with Machine Gun Kelly since their recent split.

"Brian is annoyed that she is so focused on her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. He doesn’t understand the need to post social media pictures with silly captions to proclaim her love for him. They aren’t even divorced yet," the source explained to the publication.

Brian Austin Green photographed candidly
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Although Green is seemingly "annoyed" with Fox's actions in her now-public personal life, it appears that he is having no problem moving on in his own ways as well, being spotted out since the split with the likes of Courtney Snodden and Tina Louise.

However, the feelings are still there for the actor, "It definitely annoys Brian. And it stings a bit too that Megan moved on so quickly. Megan was always very private, so Brian just doesn’t get what changed," the source added.

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Taking to the 'Hollywood Raw' podcast recently, Green gave a more concrete update on his personal life since the split from Fox, saying candidly, "You can if you ignore it and avoid it which is what I try and do. I try to no read anything or look at anything and not involve myself in it. Just keep my head down and do what I do and focus on the kids. I know she’s going to do the same thing."

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Green issued his own statement on the whole issue a few weeks ago, saying, "Everybody is judgmental right now that she’s out of the country working and she’s not around. We travel and we work. It’s no different than before, we’re just no longer together. This is what we’ve been doing for 15 years. When one person is traveling and working the other person will step in and take care of things at home and the kids and this situation is no different. It’s not for lack of caring. Megan loves her kids, would do anything for them, and has and will continue to."

However, it appears that the information shared by the new source shows that Green isn't handling being apart from Fox as well as previously assumed.

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