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Alexandra Daddario Worries Fans Slumped In Sweats On Couch With Rambling Post

Gettyimages | Donato Sardella
By Rima Pundir

Baywatch actress Alexandra Daddario, and damn those gorgeous eyes, is finally feeling the aftereffects of the pandemic and the long hours of being stuck at home are driving her to sleep for long hours on her couch, dressed in some frumpy sweats.

Her Instagram post went up on Tuesday and since then has already amassed some 750,000-plus likes, even if all she does in it is look a bit depressed and weave a tall and complicated tale of how "Notting Hill" would be in these times of pandemic.

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Alexandra Daddario Is A New-Age Julia Roberts

Alexandra Daddario looks great in spectacles
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Basically, anything Alexandra Daddario does on social media tends to go viral very fast be it her wearing a bikini (well, duh) or her deciding to put on some glasses.

This time though, she simply put a picture of her laying on the couch in a pretty picture of despair, captioning it, "Living that version of Notting Hill where Julia Roberts never meets Hugh Grant because she’s not allowed to leave her apartment due to a global pandemic."

Here's more of her rambling...

The Prettiest Picture Of Despair

Alexandra Daddario feels like Julia Roberts in lockdown
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

One fan, obviously from Germany, cutely remarked, "Come to Germany, there you will find your Hugh Grant..."

Alexandra meanwhile wove quite a yarn on her caption, continuing, "This version is more a study in resilience and Julia Roberts sleeps 18 hours a day and forgets what weather is, and when someone emails her “hope this London heat isn’t too much for you!” she seriously is taken aback because she didn’t realize it was hot. It’s a riveting story."

To this, one fan happily commented, "Wish I could sleep 18 hours tbh 😂".

Fans Suggest She Go On A Mountain Getaway

Alexandra Daddario got slammed for looking too thin
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Another Instagram follower wrote to Alexandra, "Looks like you're playing the part like a boss! What you should do is get up in the mountains and explore them away from people! That's what i do 😁👍".

Only, she tried doing that, in a bikini, and people told her to go eat a sandwich. There's simply no pleasing anyone nowadays.

Other fans got a little serious with caring words but incorrect grammar like, "Hope your doing well.".

Another one wrote, "Damn girl u taking this too seriously!"

Actually, no, fans are taking it too seriously!

A Troll Wants Her To Go Back To Work

Alexandra Daddario's fans are besotted with her
Alexandra Daddario / Instagram

Some fans got the joke though and wrote to Alexandra saying they thought she was "hilarious" and also left comments like, " Your humor is up to the point!".

One added a comment with a little dash of British snobbery, "I’m sure the readers of Horse and Hound would love that story."

Meanwhile, one troll had a problem with her being at home even, writing, "Y do all these celebrities act like they have been stuck at home for months on in. Only 1.4% of the US population has got "Corona". Go to work like the rest of the real world"...

Only, she is working. Just watch the trailer below...

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