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Paige VanZant is all smiles under the Florida sun

UFC Fighter Paige VanZant 'Knows What People Want' In Buns Out Bikini Video On Instagram

Paige VanZant / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Professional UFC fighter and fitness freak Paige VanZant just took to Instagram to post a cool video of herself that not just showed off her physical prowess but all of her assets to the fullest degree.

The video has already clocked some 750,000 views and fans are loving the "suns out buns out" caption that Paige put on it as well.

With a fantastic body and curves to kill for, Paige VanZant in one popular UFC gal, and is married to MMA fighter and champion wrestler Austin Vanderford.

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Paige Loves Being Naked, All The Time

Paige VanZant and husband Austin Vanderford prefer to be naked all the time
Paige VanZant / Instagram

When not making videos of herself jumping in the pool, or working, Paige VanZant loves to hang out with her hubby, the very buff Austin Vanderford, and the two love to get naked in the house.

And by that, they don't shed clothes to just do the dirty, its just that they don't like clothes all that much and roam around the house in the nude.

While some fans were impressed, most others thought it was overkill, just to get some likes on social media. Plus, we feel for the pooch!

Meanwhile, here's Paige for Sports Illustrated.

Fans Want Babies From This "Power" Couple

Paige VanZant and Austin Vanderford do make a "powerful" couple
Paige VanZant / Instagram

With the couple being this ripped, fans wonder what their baby would look like, urging them to have one already...

Of course, while they cook and clean and even garden in the buff, workouts need clothes and the couple do tend to get into some when honing their already honed bodies.

That said; Vanderson has been trolled plenty on the Internet for being all torso and no legs, or rather as one Instagram user put it, "a borderline midget."

Only thing being, those "short legs" can kick some serious a**.

Candid About Her Breasts, And Buns

Paige VanZant feels for her abs but loves pizza
Paige VanZant / Instagram

Paige VanZant has openly spoken about breast augmentation as well, admitting that she wanted boobs but when they didn't come, she bought some instead and feels great about them

The buns are all hers though, and very jiggly in the video she put up. Wearing a neon pink bikini that highlighted her curves, Paige jumped into the pool, launching herself high in the air and spreading her leg to touch her toes before straightening out into a feet-first dive in the waters, disappearing in some five feet of pool water.

Here's the video...

Fans Want To 'Thank Her In Every Language'

Paige VanZant loves her fake boobs
Paige VanZant / Instagram

Porn star Kendra Lust was quick to comment on the video, "Nice buns out 🙌🏻 ... and great hang time :)" while another besotted fan remarked, "How do you say “Thank you so much for this video” in every single language known to man?"

Not every fan was bowled over though, with one commenting, "You’re an MMA fighter and have to plug your nose to go underwater 🤷🏻‍♂️😂" to which another Instagram user replied, "what does one thing have to do with the other?"

Dunno, but here's Paige doing another split...

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