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Cardi B stuns in a Channel-print dress and glasses, paired with a white pair of sandals heels and green bag.

Cardi B Gives Insight Into Her Marriage, Lifestyle & Much More

Instagram | Cardi B
By Favour

Cardi B has been in the news lately after she dropped her WAP video that featured a lot of activities and animal life. While she is still getting comments about how controversial her new video is, fans are increasingly getting excited.

To make things better, the rapper graced the cover of Elle’s magazine. Here, she opened up about a lot of things in her life, including her relationship experiences and the times she got canceled for her opinions on social media.

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Cardi B’s New Album Will Picture Her Relationship With Offset

A lovely photo showing Cardi B in a Louis Vuitton two-piece outfit and bag.
Instagram | Cardi B

The “Bodak Yellow” Star is set to release her sophomore album. She revealed that this album centers around some elements in her relationship with the father of her child and husband, Offset.

Cardi has been a hard worker since fans knew her and she does not intend to stop being that way. The 27-year-old has been bashed and criticized by a lot of people, including celebrities, but she always finds a way to live above the hate and come out a better person.

Not saying she ain’t crazy though!

Cardi B Says Stripping Taught Her Leasons


Everyone knows that before she became a full-fledged rapper and mother, Cardi was a dancer at a popular night club. However, when she came into the rap industry, she was open about this past lifestyle and often referenced it in her songs, saying how thankful she was that she did not have to do it anymore.

Speaking about her time as an exotic dancer, Cardi said she never used to look at others, as she Alsina’s knew that when she dances, she gets her money. This is the same attitude she attributes in her singing career now.

Cardi B Talks Politics & Donald Trump

A photo of Cardi B all glammed up and dressed in a see-through low-cut dress and black mules to match.
Instagram | Cardi B

Since she came into the industry, Cardi has been open about not being a fan of President Donald a Trump. The singer has always believed him to be partial in everything that he does.

She event went as far as talking about her desire to be president one day, because she knows that she can do better.

“I want a president who makes me feel secure, I wand a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers. That’s why I like New York governor Andrew Cuomo.” The singer said.

Cardi On Her Love Life & Getting Canceled

A lovely photo showing Cardi B in a gorgeous white outfit, with pink and black designs on stage, during a performance.
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Cardi talked about the times she trended on Twitter for days, as people kept signing petitions to have her canceled. She said that she could not believe that people thought she would ever stoop so low, to create a fake account, to troll other artists.

“I’m 27 years old and I have big bills, big responsibilities and a kid who’s on my a** a lot. If I don’t fkg like someone, I am going to tell them.” She said.

Equally, Cardi talked about her relationship with Offset. She said that a lot of people start rumors about them for no reason. But, he’s her friend and lover. She also said that if people want to know more about her relationship, they should wait on her album.

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