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A lovely photo showing Taran Killam waving to someone with a cute smile on his face.

Taran Killam Gets Candid About Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Instagram | Taran Killam
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"Saturday Night Live" can be everything that you hope it would be, so far, the right people are on the screens to give you the best show you ever had. However, what happens to fans when one of those people decides to seek greener pastures elsewhere?

Taran Killam's exit from the show is no doubt a shocking and devastating experience for many viewers. Who can play the role of President Donald Trump better than the man!

Like many know, there are no actions without reasons and Killam has a lot to spill.

Seth Meyers Made Everything Different

Taran Killam looks exquisite in this grey tux with a matching tie and blue inner T-shirt.
Instagram | Taran Killam

It has been four years since Killam left SNL, but it seems like yesterday, fans saw him on the stage with that gorgeous smile on his face. According to the American comedian, a lot of things contributed to his decision to leave in 2016. However, he began nurturing the feeling after Seth Meyers dropped his head writer hat.

He went on to say that, the show became a completely different one, that was barely recognizable.

Read below to find out more reasons why Killam left SNL behind.

Anniversary Or Change Day?

Taran Killam has a weird expression on his face in this photo, where he is seen sporting a polo shirt and matching cap.
Instagram | Taran Killam

As if Meyers leaving the show wasn't enough, there was also the issue of the show's 40th anniversary.

On February 15, 2015, fans fromm all over the world, were implored to celebrate with the show as they marked their 40th anniversary. It was no doubt a milestone to be celebrated and everyone who had always strove to see that the show attains greater heights, deserved all the accolades.

Unfortunately, Killam thought that this celebration had a drastic impact on the entire show.

Killam Says SNL Became More Of A Competition Than A Family

Taran Killam shows off his amazing wardrobe choice with a two-piece red tux, with a lighter shade of tie and black inner T-shirt.
Instagram | Taran Killam

When people work together for so long, they start to feel a certain connection that translates to a beautiful family. However, when this connection is threatened, people start feeling out of place. Instead of working to improve themselves, they start working to impress others.

According to the former cast member, after the anniversary took place, everything seemed like a competition.

"After the 40th anniversary show, it was back to this cast who's all 40 years younger than you and aren't as famous as Tina Fey." He said.

He went on to say that this made the show's creator very snappy.

Killam Received Specific Instructions While Playing President Donald Trump

Taran Killam is photographed smiling at something or someone at a distance in an open space.
Instagram | Taran Killam

On SNL, the skits are endless and the laughable moments are pure and beautiful because they aren't rehearsed or coerced. However, Killam faced a different situation when he played tried to play President Trump.

He said that Lorne Michaels gave specific instructions on what he could and couldn't say. In his defence, Lorne was trying to play a safe situation, which was not likely to work, if fans had seen through it.

Although Killam wanted to leave SNL because he could not handle the competition, he did not also appreciate Lorne's interference while he was playing the president.

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