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Janelle Monáe CRUSHES 'Black Venus' With WAP In Photoshoot, Instagram 'Shell Shocked'

Gettyimages | Mike Pont
By Rima Pundir

Actress, singer and all-round activist, Janelle Monáe is back, on a magazine cover, wearing nothing but sheets.

And this time, instead of the cotton bedding that had her wrapped for the cover of Gay Letter magazine, she is wrapped in silk and looks so smooth, it's killing Instagram softly, and slowly.

Now, its Janelle, and she is the one who wore vagina pants for her music video "Pynk" with Tessa Thompson being the "head" of it all between her legs. No surprise that she is now posing in the buff in near perfection.

Janelle Looks Gorg In Braids

Janelle Monáe for Gay Letter Magazine
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Janelle posted three different sets of pictures on Instagram, all taken for Shape magazine and its way different than what Janelle usually looks.

In one shot, a close up of hers, she's all softness and femininity, looking like a million bucks as she captioned the pic, " I was very nervous about having to do makeup for this one. Thank you to my @jessicasmalls for holding me down virtually. I like the peace & softness here. I’m exploring the power in softness in real life."

Here's the pic...

Janelle Monáe Is All WAP Here

Janelle Monáe poses in the buff for Gay Letter Magazine
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Fans were blown away by her pictures.

Wrote one, "Come on softness in REAL LIFE. That’s a word!! 💃🏾💃🏾" and "If you were Any prettier, my phone would crack"...

High praise that, and Janelle stuns on the cover of the magazine as well, wearing more of a breastplate than an actual top in a foil-like look.

And her caption was as stunning as was her look, "WAP from the PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE 🛸 THANK YOU"...

One Instagram follower ended up writing, "Eat! Ate! Devoured! Slay!"...

Here's Janelle, looking absolutely gorgeous...

A Black Venus? You Bet!

Janelle Monáe poses in the buff for Gay Letter Magazine
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

And finally. The coup de grace. One of Janelle's shots was of her dressed as a self-proclaimed "Black Venus" with a sheet draped around her to cover her modesty with a gold nipple shield on her exposed breast.

She posed like a Goddess and her only other piece of jewelry was a gold anklet, worn on one graceful foot as she teetered in front of a giant seashell.

Needless to say, one Instagram fan was "Shell shocked! 💚💚💚" while Halle Berry found it "QT" as in cute.

Most found it "ooof", and here it is...

For Fans, Janelle Monáe Is 'Living Art'

Janelle Monáe poses in the buff for Gay Letter Magazine
Janelle Monáe / Instagram

Plenty of other fans found her hotter than ever with one writing, "a living work of art 🐚🎨",

Another seemed a tad miffed at all that perfection, commenting, "Cliennnnnnt... now dang! I can’t... This! U sooooooo purrrrty!!! ... Tuh! Lemme go and start over with this annoying a$$ diet!...again! "

If you want more of that perfection, Janelle's next movie, "Antebellum" will be out in September 2020, and she looks like a living dream in it as well. Plus, it's from the makers of dark comedy-thriller "Get Out" so this one has to be good...

Watch the trailer.

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