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Leah McSweeney looks gorg on Instagram

RHONY's Leah McSweeney Defends Sheer Outfit & Mask But Fans Fixate On 'Carpet Stain'

Leah McSweeney / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Leah McSweeney just filmed the season 12 reunion special of "Real Housewives of New York City" last week in Long Island, and the ensemble she wore for it started a little Instagram war.

While some fans did not like the outfit at all and found it "cheap", others had a problem with her mesh mask and gloves that would do nothing to save her from COVID-19.

Of course, Leah McSweeney had words to say to her trolls, wondering why people ever thought her mesh mask was anything but a fashion statement!

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For Leah, The Outfit Was A Celebration

Leah McSweeney wears just diamonds
Leah McSweeney / Instagram

Trolls could go about talking trash about her outfit but for Leah, it was a complete high.

She even posted a celebratory picture with the caption, "Reunion cherry has been popped ❤️Will sleep in nothing but this diamond necklace (before I have to return it tomorrow 😂) to celebrate a very successful and long day".

Fans were smitten enough to post comments like, "You looked SO hot stepping out of that elevator I just about passed away. AND I may be questioning my sexuality! Thank GOD for that Q in the LGBTQ 😂"

She Trashed The Trolls Right Back

Leah McSweeney loved her mesh look
Leah McSweeney / Instagram

Leah McSweeney also just posted her entire look yesterday, with the caption, "It takes a village 🤣" to show that a lot went into creating her look that trolls so easily trashed with comments like, "that outfit is horrific & so cheap and no taste whatsoever. Looks homemade or like a costume you’d buy from party city..."

So Leah had an epic reply, "I don't think Jesus would approve of this nastiness. Please don’t use His name in your bio."

There were far more uplifting comments by other fans too, like: "Ramona is gunna lose it!!! Love it "

Fans Dubbed Leah McSweeney An Icon

Leah McSweeney was happy to troll the trolls
Leah McSweeney / Instagram

While a lot of fans gushed about how hot Leah looked, some also poked fun at the trolls who had bashed her for the mesh mask and gloves with comments like, "Your mask doesn’t work! Just kidding. LOVE the LEWK. You’re the best housewife."

Another poked even more fun at the trolls, saying, "Wait..whatttttt is that mask for???? 🤣🤣🤣 that ain’t gonna do sheeeet 🤣🤣".

But one fan said it the best, "👑 The icon we all wanted but didn’t know we needed 👑"...

The Giant Carpet Stain Isn't A Stain!

Leah McSweeney commented on the carpet stain...
Leah McSweeney / Instagram

The one thing in the background that caught the attention of many fans was that giant carpet stain, so one commenter had the audacity to write to Leah, "Did someone get murdered on that carpet 😳".

Others were gentler with their questions, commenting, "Please tell me that’s a wine mark on your carpet...I think I may have just fallen even harder in love with you! 😍😍😍".

So Leah had to put the rumors to rest, replying, "it’s not wine 😂 the carpet is designed like that..."

Trolls should just sit back, there's no shaming Leah McSweeney, period!

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