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Michael claims that he would marry Angela even if she is not able to give birth at her age.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Viewers Believe Michael Is Trying To Get His Mother's Blessings As Excuse To Leave Angela

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

’90 Day Fiancé’'s Angela and Michael have constant ups and downs in their relationship and the latest issue is if Angela will be able to have baby considering the fact that she's 54 and Michael is 22 years younger. The big question here is if he will still marry her despite the fact that she only has one egg and may not be able to successfully give birth anymore. Last week on the show's 'Happily Ever After?' series, Michael said he didn't have an answer but last night, he did.

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Michael is now worried about what his mother will say when she finds out that Angela may not be able to give birth anymore.

Michael surprisingly revealed this but there was another big hurdle that the two have to overcome. This is receiving Michael's mother's blessing in this situation. She gave the two their blessing to get married after much skepticism but she really wants to see Michael have a child. Michael is very close to his mother and it could be difficult to keep his relationship with Angela going if his mother doesn't approve of her not being able to give birth and give Michael his child.

Many people believe that Michael is using his mother to get out of this relationship with Angela.

On social media, people don't truly believe that Michael will go through with the relationship. Many see him using the situation of his mother needing to approve them not having a child as a way out of leaving the relationship.

"Michael has said from day 1 that he needs a baby & his mother’s blessing," said @jmroberts93 on Twitter. "Now that we’re approaching the wedding date, Angela thinks that Michael should just be ok without his mom’s blessing or a baby...but sure he’s the selfish one."

Angela's health was also checked out to see if she possibly had cancer.

@MsArielG on Twitter added that If "I were Michael I would be telling my mom in secret not to accept the wedding with Angela! Get yourself out of there Michael!."

This all comes after a gynecologist confirmed that Angela may not be able to have babies and was being checked out in possibly having cancer. There was no cancer but the risk is very high in trying to have a child at her age. This is still the huge x-factor in Michael and Angela's relationship.

Angela and Michael have had a very rocky relationship on ’90 Day Fiance.'

A while ago, Angela wanted her daughter to give her one of her eggs so the birth of a child could happen but she objected to this proposal. Over the course of Michael and Angela's relationship, she has always seemed to be very controlling. This season, she even snapped at Michael over a ringtone where she believed that it was meant for another woman. Throughout it all though, Michael has stayed with her and we will see if his mother approves of this situation regarding the two possibly not having children. Michael has already gotten a visa denied to America so we will see how this situation unfolds in the future as well.

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