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Britney Spears Dropped Over $1 Million On Conservatorship Legal Fees Last Year

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Britney Spears isn't just fighting for her freedom in her ongoing conservatorship, she's also funding the entire thing with all the attorneys and conservators involved making out like bandits for the handling of Britney and her management. New financial documents in Britney's conservatorship case have outlined all the income, expenses, loss and gains the Princess of Pop endured over the last year, and one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb is the gigantic amount of coin she's charged for being under a conservatorship.

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Conservatorship Accounting

The Blast

The Blast obtained the annual accounting documents for Britney filed by her conservator, and father, Jamie Spears. The filing, which we have covered in the past, highlights how much Britney's assets are worth, how her stocks did and lists, to the penny, all the expenses she required to manage her private life, professional career and ongoing conservatorship.

As Britney's conservatorship has been consistently in the headlines over those who feel she is being isolated and controlled by her father and team of advisors, the fact that they were paid over $1 million dollars last year should explain why they are fighting so hard to keep the singer under control.

Britney Charged for Everything

Britney Spears / Instagram

According to the financial documents, Britney spent a total of $1,202,503.30 on attorney fees and services in 2019. $400,000 of that were "conservatee fees" charged by her own attorney, Sam Ingham, and another $346,000 were "conservator fees" charged by the attorneys working on the conservatorship.

The documents also state that Britney's previous co-conservator Andrew Wallet was paid $27,000 while her father, Jamie Spears, cashed $128,000 from his daughter's account.

The massive amount for legal fees was racked up over the last year as the drama for Britney's ongoing conservatorship was once again brought into the public eye.

Travel, Gifts & Boyfriend Expenses

Britney Spears / Instagram

Along with her massive legal bill, Britney also dropped some serious cash on traveling in 2019 ... and also making sure her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was able to jet-set around the country.

Documents state the "Womanizer" singer spent a total of $438,360.84 on travel last year, including a $752 round-trip ticket for Asghari to fly from Los Angeles out to Miami in November while Britney was on vacay.

The other astronomical expenses listed on the accounting stated Britney has over $ 262,297.41 in jewelry, antiques, and furs -- which probably felt like pennies compared to her legal bills.

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