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Bella Hadid Joins The No Bra Club In Tied Up White T-Shirt Pic

By Jeff Mazzeo

No bra, no problem! That's Bella Hadid's policy!

The 23-year-old model proved that she doesn't need anything holding her down on Sunday. She shared some sultry snaps that featured her braless figure in a simple white T-shirt and matching white pants. Her killer midsection and flat tummy were left exposed and she gave her fans a peek at her stringy thong. Bella had her brunette hair pulled back in a neat pony as she teased fans by tugging on her tight shirt. While Bella was super hot, we can only imagine that they had the air conditioner cranking because it appeared to be a little chilly in there.

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No Caption Needed


Everyone knows that an influencer is only as good as her clever caption but when the pictures are as sultry as Hadid's, there is no caption necessary. She let her millions of fans and some of her famous friends do the talking for her.

"Ok... wow," Hailey Bieber commented.

"wish i had that waist tho 🔥," an envious fan wrote while another said, "Um.....who said u could be this beautiful?"

"Omg bite me," a crude follower said. A fourth one commented, "wife me up."

Passion For Mask Fashion


Bella declared that it's cute to wear a mask recently to encourage her millions of fans to do the same. She posted a controversial photo where she seemingly gave the finger to some police officers that were not wearing masks.

"#WEARAMASK we wear masks to not only protect ourselves, but to protect our loved ones and our communities. even if your local police force isn’t wearing them, doesn’t mean you don’t have to," she captioned her photos.

"so... wear a mask. it’s cute and cool. they even have different colors now so u can protect and still have a passion for fashion. be smart. let’s go. love u."

Bella's "passion for fashion" rhyme makes us love her even more.

Post Hot Pics, Help Others


Hadid doesn't just use her platform to share smoking hot pictures of herself, although we appreciate when she does, she also preaches the importance of saving the environment and helping others. After the devastating explosion in Beirut, Bella took to social media to express empathy and encourage others to help out.

"My eyes and heart are crying for you Lebanon. Over 150 people dead , thousands injured or missing," she wrote.

"I am sorry you have to endure this kind of disaster my brothers and sisters...I will be sending donations to the Lebanese Red Cross, as well as ALL of the smaller organizations in Beirut from the last slide of this post. I hope you will join me. 300,000 people have been displaced and have become homeless. This explosion is coming during one of the hardest times for Lebanon in history... with an unprecedented economic crisis and famine, political unrest , homelessness , the pandemic and the unemployment rate plummeting , we NEED to support the people of Lebanon. Helping from within, through these smaller organizations can help pin point what necessities are most needed and where they can be sent, exactly. We need to continue to speak on this crisis, #PRAYFORLEBANON but most importantly , We need to collectively support immediate humanitarian relief. Stand UP and stand TOGETHER. I love you all out there. Beirut - I am wrapping you in a golden blanket of light and strength. I see you and support you. I am sorry."

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