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Seth Rogen poses for photographers

Seth Rogen Calls Some Movies 'Scams' In New Interview

Gettyimages | Jerod Harris
By Chris Barilla

Actor Seth Rogen has never been one to reserve himself when it comes to personal opinion or any regard for​ sharing his life and thoughts throughout his career. Now, the 'Sausage Party' voice actor has taken to a candid interview with Howard Stern to discuss a variety of elements related to life in Hollywood, including dropping the bombshell quip that he believes many movies being made are 'like scams,' which he elaborated on as the conversation with Stern went deeper.

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Rogen detailed to Stern the process behind a lackluster idea being brought to the big screen solely for the sake of money, which he calls a "scam."

"Some movies are like scams where like, it’s like buying blueprints to a house that looked nice but then when you actually tried to build the house, it doesn’t stand up properly. You know what I mean? Like, that is a thing that happens with films, and I recognize it sometimes where I will see a movie and be like, 'Oh, they lied. Whoever wrote and directed this movie lied.'"

Seth Rogen photographed candidly
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The actor chuckled a bit before continuing on to say, "They made it seem like they were selling the studio an actual functional film, but they did not. They sold them, like, the schematics of a movie that, when built, does not hold up to stress testing."

Stern then asked that due to his strong convictions if Rogen has ever been asked to come in and polish a film before it makes it to the final stages before release, to which he said he has.


"I will only say this because it was reported, and I’m going to tread lightly because I’m close with many of the people involved, but I did that on the Dr. Doolittle film a little bit," the actor told Stern about the one time he was tapped to fix a major film.

"It’s a cushy position to be in. Stakes are low for you personally in that role, which is nice," he went on to explain about the hands-off approach he has to adjusting a film.

Seth Rogen photographed candidly
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"But it’s also like, you want to help." the actor went on to say, "I like movies, and I also like the actors in that movie, and I don’t want anyone to not be happy with a movie. And Universal, who made that movie, like, has been very supportive of me and my career and made a lot of our movies. And I like the people who work there, so I genuinely want to make things better if I can."

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