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Kate Beckinsale trolls back her trollers

Kate Beckinsale Destroys Instagram Troll With Epic Clapback Dolled Up In Bikini & Gold Heels

Kate Beckinsale / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

On Sunday, "Underworld" actress Kate Beckinsale took to Instagram in a mismatched bikini as she lay on her hammock, wishing everyone "Happy #internationalcatday".

Most fans and followers completely missed an important fact about this picture. While Beckinsale did get dolled up in a black and white bikini and wore ridiculous heels in gold to lie on a hammock; her Persian cat lay in a similar hammock by her side in a very BOGO attempt at humor.

And when one troll decided to get mean, Beckinsale just got meaner!

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Don't Like Kate? She Doesn't Like You Back Either!

Kate Beckinsale doesn't need your approval
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Honestly, if there's any celebrity who knows how to give it right back to those who try to troll her on social media, its Beckinsale.

When this picture of her was trolled by a so-called fan who commented, "Wow 😵 not like this girl. Sorry.😵👑", Beckinsale was quick to reply with a witty putdown, saying, "she not like you either we all good".

Epic enough for a fan to comment, "that is Kate freaking hot as hell to you sir!"

Kate Flayed A Troll Trying To Shame Her

Kate Beckinsale is gorg in a mismatched bikini
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Quite a pretty picture, that. And yet one Instagram troll decided to lay it on thick on Kate, writing, "Sex sells. It also has an expiration date. Use it wisely."


And so Kate decided to lay it on even thicker on the follower, giving the most epic clapback fans have ever come across.

Kate wrote back, "I’m not selling sex however I see you are selling pottery. Good job! try not to fall in the kiln or accidentally jam a clay goblet up your nose. Stay alert".

Fans were tickled pink...

Sometimes, She's Awful Nice Too...

Kate Beckinsale don't care
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Fans don't just love Kate's bikini and hammock BOGO pic, they fell heads over heels for her wit.

One smitten follower wrote to Kate, "🤣🤣🤣 show us the ways to charrdom sensei... I simply love your responses!!! keep it up, you never fail to make me giggle!!! 🤗😻🐾🐾".

Others found her reply to be a "sick burn"...

When Kate is not busy trolling back her trolls, she can be quite the generous goddess as well. She proved this by recently wishing one of her longtime fans and consistent commenters a very happy birthday in a separate post, running below...

But When Trolled For No Reason, Kate Gets Articulate

Kate Beckinsale's 2020 meme is cool, Selene cool
Kate Beckinsale / Instagram

Kate did a cool 2020 meme like Reese Witherspoon and was happy to have fun with the comments in this.

But on another post that was meant to give comfort to people, Kate got a comment, "nice try, Internet".

And she flayed this troll with an epic and articulate set of words, "I really wish you’d scroll by and leave a comment on something that DOES resonate with you rather than take the time to leave something crass or cynical on something that doesn’t.".

Read the full post below and remember not to mess with Kate, because she messes back!

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