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A picture art showinf Tracy McGrady n different standing positions, rocking two different jerseys.

Tracy McGrady Played In The Wrong NBA Era

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Tracy McGrady was a rolling fire ball when he played in the NBAs but he apparently played the right games in the wrong era. A McGrady today in the NBA, will no doubt be considered a legend.

When McGrady came into the game, a young star willing to prove himself worthy, his initial run-ins with the Toronto Raptors was engulfed with low minute runs.

However, as time went on, he moved from the idea of a rookie mistake to a fierce competitior.

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Late Kobe Bryant Saw The Potential That The NBA Couldn't See

A photo of Tracy McGrady in a red jersey, holding a basketball in one hand and the other is slightly raised to reveal a clenched fist.
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The NBA may have been too late to spot McGrady for the excellent player that he was, but Kobe Bryant wasn't. The NBA legend named McGrady as the toughest player to guard.

After all had been said and done, McGrady retired from the league in 2013 after a season-filled with injuries. In essence, McGrady left the league with a semi-superstar status that should have been more than that.

It is safe to say that he was not given the opportunity to broaden and show off his potentials.

Coaching Was Unfair To McGrady!

A lovely photo of Tracy McGrady caught in motion and it shows him trying to maneuver his opponent to score a point.
Instagram | #Tracymcgrady

There are many amazing players out there, but the only difference between them and the ones who are excelling, is the style of coaching. Although McGrady's playing seasons were swarmed with injuries, he still had a pretty good chance against Kevin Garrett.

According to sport outlets, McGrady and Yao Ming are described today as the "if only" cases of the 2000 NBA. "If only they were coached better."

McGrady was capable of letting off three-point shots from long distances, but this was never really seen as a priority for the NBA. today, players like Steph Curry benefit from the three-point shots system.

The NBA Did Remained Neutral About The Three-Point System

 photo showing Tracy McGrady, mid-air, trying to dunk.
Instagram | #Tracymcgrady

A report from USA Basketball revealed that the three-point shot was only an attempt for players to be been on the field. They did not see it as a special skill that needed their attention.

In 1976, when the American Basketball Association and National Basketballs Association came to a merger, the organization refused to introduce the three-point system to the players.

However, in 1979, the NBA leaned towards the three-point line, but did not consider it important. In fact, many coaches would rather not risk it during a game.

A McGrady In Today's MBA!


A McGrady in today's NBA will no doubt be considered a legend, for a number of things. The now retired player was an excellent shooter of the three-point line, but the NBA preferred long twos.

An article by FiveThirtyEight gave insight into what a McGrady today in the NBA would look and feel like. The article compared McGrady to the James Harden of today.

McGrady was never really seen as the player to be obsessed about and that makes him one of the most underrated players in the history of basketball.

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