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A lovely photo showing Rachael Ray, her husband and their little furry animal in a bonding moment with smiles on their faces.

Rachael Ray’s Family Saved From Ghastly Home Fire

Instagram | Rachael Ray
By Favour

Rachael Ray's home suffered a ghastly fire outbreak recently, but luckily, the celebrity chef, her husband and lovely dog, were able to make it out unharmed. Unfortunately, the firefighters only got there in time to put out the fire, but the house was almost burned down.

Several reports confirmed through the office of the County Sherrif, that the house fire happened on Sunday. The reports also mentioned that the firefighters had a difficult time putting out the fire, but so far, there has been no record of any injuries. Thankfully!

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Rachael Ray's Home Did Not Make It

Giphy | Rachael Ray Show

A journalist by the name, Mark Mulholland, took to his Twitter page, to show graphic photos of Ray's house. The post featured two images that proves beyond doubt that the house could not be saved.

The images pictured clearly, the large fire coming out of the roof top, followed by black smoke. The journalist added that from the look of things, the state of the house does not look good.

However, it is great news that Ray and her family were able to escape this tragic occurrence.

Who Is Rachel Ray & What Does She Do?

Celebrity Chef, Rachael Ray, doing what she loves best with green vegetables.
Gettyimages | John Lamparski

Rachael Domenica Ray, was born in Glens Falls, New York on August 25, 1968. Presently, she has a few careers that she is engaged with, but is majorly known for being a culinary expert.

Ray runs a daily talk show called "Rachel Ray," and here, she talks about anything lifestyle-related, and her experiences as a chef. She also runs a cooking show called "30 Minutes Meal."

From the name, anyone can tell that she only prepares meals that are 30 minutes-long on the show and they are always delicious.

Everything's Special About Rachael Ray's Culinary Skills

A lovely image showing Rachael Ray with a bright smile on her face, holding a glass of red wine.
Gettyimages | John Lamparski

There are many celebrity chefs with their unique styles and skills. This is why people can often identify a chef's food through the taste or the ingredients used in preparing the meal.

For Ray, her preference, is a "quick and easy" meal that will definitely give you the best satisfaction. This culinary expert engages in simple techniques for cooking and only uses mild recipes for her meals. Most of the food that she prepares are completed withing 30 minutes and sometimes, less.

She Learned From The Best!

A photo of Rachael Ray posing for the camera during an episode of her cooking show, with meals and ingredients staring at her on the table.
Gettyimages | John Lamparski

Ray took up cooking as a family tradition and has enjoyed every step of the journey. She once revealed that her maternal grandfather, Emmanuel Scuderi, a Sicilian native, was the greatest influence on her cooking.

To get her meals to have the best flavors, Ray makes use of fresh herbs, chicken stock and enough garlic. You definitely want to have a chef that uses lots of garlic in their meals.

Finally, Ray does not believe that meals and ingredients should be measured. She rather engages in approximations, to pick the right quantity.

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