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Rita Ora poses for a photo

Rita Ora Unbothered In Bikini As Blackfishing Allegations Trend On Twitter

By Rebecca Cukier

Twitter literally can't get over the fact that Rita Ora isn't "at all black," per the social media platform's top Sunday tweet. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter is now topping U.S. Twitter trends precisely for having fans taken aback over her Kosovo heritage – born in the former Yugoslavia (now Kosovo), the U.K.-based star is of Albanian descent.

She's also frolicking around in a bikini while half of Twitter loses it. "Finding out rita ora isn't black and both of her parents are white albanians is so trippy. the girl's been BLACKFISHING." a user wrote with thousands of re-tweets.

Check out the storm below.

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It's Like Twitter Just Woke Up To Her Being Albanian

Rita Ora poses in lingerie on a couch

Rita, who was born in Pristina, Yugoslavia in 1990 with both parents Albanian, now sees her name filling countless tweets –most, in some way, expressing surprise that the star isn't black. Rita is now being accused of "blackfishing" – a term used for non-black individuals accused of pretending to be black.

As the hours passed, though, replies went the other way.

"Getting 2nd hand embarrassment from y’all thinking rita ora black," a user wrote. Others, however, laced their comments with references of black culture.

Tweets Mention 'Braids' And 'Afro Wigs'

Rita Ora poses at an event
Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

A user clapping back at the "blackfishing" remark wrote:

"Nothing about Rita Ora ever looked Black. Y'all just have a warped view of what Black women look like bc of media brainwashing and the one drop rule. Even with the braids and the afro wig she looks like a white woman full stop."

In April 2020, Rita gave an in-depth interview tracing back her family history. She mentioned her parents escaping persecution in the former Yugoslavia – "They left behind their whole lives and had to start from scratch when they arrived in London as refugees," she said.

Rita's headlines this weekend have been one solid bikini, though.

Bikini Bombshell Soaks Up The Sun

Rita Ora poses in a bikini

Rita has been fronting media outlets this week for flashing the flesh and showing off her killer figure – she's already been dubbed the "queen of underboob." The star has been soaking up the sun in Ibiza, Spain, with her frilly blue bikini sending temperatures soaring yesterday.

Rita then slipped into a braless dress for her most recent Instagram update. The "How To Be Lonely" singer has also seen her vacation make headlines for a racy green string bikini. It isn't all swimwear, though.

Refugee Parents Escaping Persecution

Rita Ora poses in a top

Continuing in her interview with Vogue, Rita stated: "Thousands were killed in the brutal decade-long war, and more than one million people were forced to flee, including my parents, with me and my siblings in tow."

"I was often called a refugee in a derogatory way, however, I had lots of foreign friends and we all had a great time connecting through being different," she added.

The blackfishing accusations amid celebrities continue. Also accused have been singer Ariana Grande and reality star Kim Kardashian.

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