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Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Was Princess Diana's Marriage to Prince Charles Doomed From The Beginning?

Gettyimages | Tim Graham
By Clarissa Wilson

Princess Diana and Prince Charles met each other when Diana was only 16 years old. There was an age gap between the two. By the time Prince Charles returned home from the Navy and he and Princess Diana got married, he was 32 and she was only 20 years old.

Although they got married, they weren't in love with each other from the start and that didn't change as their marriage progressed. In fact, things got much worse and Diana was never happy with Charles and he wasn't happy being with her either.

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Prince Charles

In fact, Prince Charles's true love was Camilla Parker Bowles. However, when he did return from the Navy, she was already a married woman. Since Charles was in a hurry to get married, he married Diana. The reason for him being in such a rush to find a wife was because he was getting older and was still not married. Back then, you looked bad if you were the future king and weren't married. So, Charles took matters into his own hands and married Diana, even though he didn't love her.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Charles first met Diana's older sister, and this was when he first met Diana, when she was 16. Later on, once she turned 19, they reconnected with each other. Although they did have some attraction for each other, they didn't give the relationship enough time to mature before getting married. In fact, Charles proposed to Diana after only dating her 12 times. She admitted later on that she laughed out loud in shock when he proposed, since she wasn't expecting it this soon.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Although the new couple were engaged, they didn't speak to each other for almost a month after he proposed to her, so not much in the relationship had changed. Diana had gone to Australia with her mother and although she admitted to yearning for him, he never tried to get a hold of her. She called him, but he was always out and never returned her phone calls. The worst was yet to come for Diana. In fact, the day after their wedding, they ate breakfast together but didn't utter one word to each other the whole day.

Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and baby Prince William

Diana had someone who was taking her admissions and recording them to turn them into a biography about her life. His name is Andrew Morton, and he had recorded all of her confessions about how bad the marriage was and how unhappy she was with Charles.

She said in one of her recordings, "Sat next to him at the wedding breakfast, which was a lunch. Neither of us spoke to each other — we were so shattered. I was exhausted at the whole thing."

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

According to CheatSheet, Princess Diana wanted to call off the wedding the day before. Apparently, Prince Charles did too but since they were both too far into it, neither said anything to the other and went through with it anyway, knowing they were not in love with each other.

Years after they got married, Diana found out about Charles and Camilla having an affair. However, she didn't want a divorce and wanted to live with Charles in a civil union to raise Prince William and Prince Harry together.

Diana once talked badly about Charles, and when the Queen found out, she was angry and demanded they get a divorce. They consented.

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