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Michael B. Jordan poses for photographers

Former Hollywood Publicist Details What It's Like Working For Michael B. Jordan

Gettyimages | Paras Griffin
By Chris Barilla

Its not too often that there is someone who can offer a bevy of information regarding the day-to-day personal lives of some of Hollywood's biggest stars from first-hand experience, yet for former publicist Amir Yass, it's all in a days work dealing with some of the most famous names in the entertainment industry. Now, Yass has sat down with 'Showbiz Cheat Sheet' to detail exactly what it's like working for some of the biggest stars in the world right now.

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Michael B. Jordan poses for photographers
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Yass has made quite a name for himself on TikTok now by posting a series titled 'Corny-A** Celebs I’ve Worked For' which details some of his funnier and, as the name goes cornier encounters with big names such as the Kardashians and Nicole Byer.

Now, Yass is detailing what it was like to work for one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Michael B. Jordan, and exactly how a typical day in the life of the 'Black Panther' star would go down.


"Every day we would get pizzas delivered to his house for Michael Jordan, the basketball player," Yass explained of his tenure on Jordan's management team.

"People would like to prank him. We’d get a lot of fan mail from Japan especially, drawing pictures of Michael Jordan. So it was really funny, I loved going through the fan mail," Yass said candidly of the often-made confusion between the Hollywood actor and the star NBA athlete​ who happen to share the same name.

Michael B. Jordan photographed candidly
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"So I ended up kind of being like his right-hand man. I was in my early twenties and was quite young, he was becoming more and more famous. He was quite gracious, I spent a lot of time in his house and he was moving. A lot of people don’t know but managers help you move as well. But he was a really gracious, down to earth person," the former publicist went on to explain about ​Jordan's usual day-to-day demeanor.


"He’d walk around the house in his boxers and no shirt on and he had that Creed body," Yass went on to explain. "I was being professional, but he was very flirtatious as a person and he flirts with everyone. But he was very playful and his family lived with him."

He also recounted once having to pick up the dinner check for the A-list actor, "We went to a dinner and he ordered a bunch of stuff on the menu and I had to pay for it because a lot of A-list celebrities don’t carry cash. Actually, the manager pays. So I got reimbursed but I was getting paid like $10 an hour and I paid like $1,500 for dinner."

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