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Kanye West Gets Strong Support From Conservative Host Tucker Carlson

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By Clark Sparky

In yet another sign that 2020 is the strangest of times, Kanye West's presidential campaign is picking up a strong ally in controversial Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson. On Friday, he talked about West's political views and his recent public meltdown.

"On core conservative issues… no one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been, maybe in generations," Carlson said.

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West has acknowledged that his campaign could steal votes away from Joe Biden, which would essentially help Donald Trump get re-elected. So it's not hard to figure out why Carlson would be inclined to make West seem like a viable candidate.

He went on to say that "not everything he says is conservative," but when West talks about religion and being anti-abortion "you start to ask yourself why aren't there any elected Republicans who sound like that?"

Carlson claimed that republicans are "afraid" to talk about conservative topics in the way that West does.


He then spun a conspiracy theory that liberals are trying to attack West as mentally unstable in order to discredit his campaign.

"They decided to attack him as mentally ill. You hear that a lot now, but it's a relatively new tactic," Carlson said. "It was just a little over four years ago publishing a piece about Kanye West, they highlighted his most famous moments like the time he interrupted Taylor Swift… CNN described all these incidents as 'controversial,' but there was no mention of Kanye West being a danger to himself, much less mentally ill, just controversial. Not a problem, and then he appeared to say something positive about Donald Trump and everything changed in an instant."

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West's personal life has been in turmoil ever since his bizarre presidential campaign rally earlier this month. During the event, West revealed that he and Kardashian considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with their first child, North.

In his string of tweets the following day, West said that he has wanted to get a divorce from Kardashian ever since she met with rapper Meek Mill in private in 2018.

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Reports have emerged that the couple's relationship has been in trouble well before West's most recent episode.

"There has been enough communication, both in the past few days and in the weeks prior, to establish that both sides feel the marriage is over," a source said to PEOPLE last month.

Kardashian flew to Wyoming, where West is living, last month to discuss their issues before returning the next day to L.A.

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