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A photo caught in motion, showing LeBron James trying to dunk on the court.

LeBron James Has Faced Many Challenges Off the Court While In the Bubble

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LeBron James is a legend and will always remain a legend in the NBA. Since he joined the game squarely, he has been nothing but productive, hard working, focused and dedicated. He recently led his team into a great win at he Western Conference playoff and secured the No. 1 seed position. The last time this happened for his team, was in 2010.

Like every great basketball player before and after him, James has faced many challenges in his career, especially in the NBA Orlando Bubble. However, he recently revealed that none of it, came from the court.

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With this position that The Lakers now find themselves, they have to put in more energy in the playoffs, to make sure that the crown does not fall off their heads. Nevertheless, focusing on the games ahead is one of the biggest challenge for James, at this time.

The 35-year-old recently revealed that his only challenge, is staying away from his wife and children.

"Obviously, being away from your family is an unbelievable sacrifice we're all making and it's very difficult. We have road games, when we go to the West Coast or East Coast, you have 11-day road trips of five or six games." James said.

A lovely photo showing LeBron James and his wife, Savannah Brinson rocking grey color outfits as they pose for the camera.
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He also went on to explain that sometimes, players who are enlisted for the championship, stay longer away from their families. This is because they have to move from country to country, where the games are being hosted.

"It's a huge sacrifice we're all making. I miss the hell out of my family, my wife, my kids, my mother and so on. Its a huge challenge to be able to stay locked in." He concluded.

Game season is no doubt taking its toll on many players around the world, but like James said, it's a huge sacrifice.

A graphic image of LeBron James screaming during a game.
Instagram | LeBron James

the other players in the bubble will no doubt be experiencing this amount of pressure and anxiety. With every game and the reality of being away from family for over three months is tiring. However, the Lakers have pledged to make the best out of this season and that is exactly what they want to do.

To do this, they would have to build on their mental health and find a coping mechanism in the game, so as to remain focused and alert.

Although they all want to go home, they wouldn't want to do so for the wrong reason.

A photo showing LeBron James rocking a long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirt and red headband.
Instagram | LeBron James

Presently, The Lakers have been tagged with one of many top teams, that will become the 2020 NBA champions. However, this win will not be easy as there are a lot of teams vying for this position.

The Lakers know that they are up against many teams that have slight intimidating chances. Some of these teams include; Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazzers and many more.

PTB is one of few teams that poses a great risk to The Lakers, however, with the likes of Anthony Davis, LeBron James and others on the Lakers team, they stand a chance.

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