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A photo showing Rob Pelinka smiling during a sports interview.

Rob Pelinka Earned His $25 Million Net Worth By Mopping Up Sweat

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Rob Pelinka is a hard worker and his job as the general manager of the Lakers team, is not a garden full of roses. However, he is a natural at what he does and this season may be recorded as one of the best seasons he has spent with the team.

One of the best decisions that the team made in 2019, was to trade for a player known as Anthony Davis. Of course, this was Pelinka's doing and he is no doubt proud of it every day.

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The Lakers decided to trade for Davis during 2019's offseason. It would no doubt have been a risk for them, but this risk paid off like many others. If anything, Davis has been the golden egg of the team since he arrived and Pelinka deserves a pat on the back for seeing the trade through.

Some teams get buy-ins that turn out to be bad news for the entire team or no news at all. This in most cases is considered as a waste of time, money and resources.

A photo showing Rob Pelinka speaking into a microphone, during an interview.
Gettyimages | Harry How

However, with Davis, it was one of the best decisions that the team made in 2019. Note that Travis is a hardcore love of the late Kobe Bryant and he always looked up to him. So, if he is playing so well, it means he learned from one of the best.

Presently, Davis has an average record of 26.4 points in each game and a total of 9.4 rebounds for the season. How awesome is that? Very!

With this exemplary skill as an addition to the team, The Lakers have now become the number one seed in the Western Conference.

A photo of Anthony Davis sporting a denim jacket and brown pant and neck scarf, as he makes his way through a driveway.
Instagram | Anthony Davis

Remember that in 2018 and 19, the team were known for missing out on the playoffs, but this season, it seems like they want their crown back.

Other amazing records of Davis per game, include; scoring 50 points in a game against Minnesota Timberwolves. There is also a record of four different games that he scored over 40 points. Recently, Travis walked away with 42 points and 12 rebounds against Utah Jazz and that was the highlight of the entire game.

A photo of Anthony Davis walking on the court in his Lakers jersey.
Instagram | Anthony Davis

Although the season is still far from over as the Lakers team still have to flex their muscles on the championship court. However, they have had a splendid season and Davis as an addition to the team is worth every penny.

Also, whether the team takes over the championships, Pelinka can rest easy. Does not mean fans would not still love to see them on that championship stage as champions!

If you're a Lakers fan, comment below on your best Travis moments from this season.

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